Friday, February 27, 2009


Thanks MomsbyHeart for this one!

So, what are Swagbucks?

Swagbucks has a search engine powered by google and When you perform your searches, you win Swagbucks - which are redeemable for gift cards or merchandise. Each time you earn 45 Swagbucks, you can redeem it for a $5 gift card.

MBH has a great idea, using these swagbucks to do all her Christmas Shopping for FREE! You know Amazon has GREAT deals around the holidays and what an easy way to earn FREE gc's!

It's easy to do and if you have 10 friends that go and sign up under your link you will earn 1000 "bucks" which you redeem for (22) $5 Amazon GCs!

Earn 45 Swagbucks per month doing searches on their site on your own x 10 months = $50 Amazon GC!

Totals about $160 FREE AMAZON $$ TO SPEND! How cool is that?!

Click here to register. :o)

Thanks!! Make sure you post your referral link on your myspace, blog, facebook, etc. You can even follow Swagbucks on Twitter if you do that too!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, the morning sickness has been lifted and I'm FINALLY getting back into my couponing and saving $$$$!!! I can't believe I've had to buy diapers, milk, bread, and eggs for the past 3 months!! OMG!!!

I've signed back up with The Grocery Game, you should totally do it if you haven't already and put me down as a referral if you do. I get 2 free weeks! ;o)

Now, cut me a little slack, I'm eeeeaaaasssing into the couponing again. 20 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and feeling GOOD!

Here's what I have for you for now...

$5 off 1 box of Glucerna Cereal! Some stores have it priced at $3 making it free PLUS overage! Remember to print this one twice!
(Thanks MSM)

$1.50 Pampers coupon (sign up for newsletter)

$1 Cascadian Farms Product

Walgreens: One a Day Vitamins $6.99 (-$6 off in ad coupon makes them $1!!) There was also a qp in one of the January inserts, just don't have exactly which week. If you have that, they would be FREE!

I'll put up some Randalls/Safeway deals later on today/tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to get started with the CVS/Walgreens stuff too on Sunday. Did it this week, but nothing GREAT. ;o)


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