Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, the morning sickness has been lifted and I'm FINALLY getting back into my couponing and saving $$$$!!! I can't believe I've had to buy diapers, milk, bread, and eggs for the past 3 months!! OMG!!!

I've signed back up with The Grocery Game, you should totally do it if you haven't already and put me down as a referral if you do. I get 2 free weeks! ;o)

Now, cut me a little slack, I'm eeeeaaaasssing into the couponing again. 20 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and feeling GOOD!

Here's what I have for you for now...

$5 off 1 box of Glucerna Cereal! Some stores have it priced at $3 making it free PLUS overage! Remember to print this one twice!
(Thanks MSM)

$1.50 Pampers coupon (sign up for newsletter)

$1 Cascadian Farms Product

Walgreens: One a Day Vitamins $6.99 (-$6 off in ad coupon makes them $1!!) There was also a qp in one of the January inserts, just don't have exactly which week. If you have that, they would be FREE!

I'll put up some Randalls/Safeway deals later on today/tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to get started with the CVS/Walgreens stuff too on Sunday. Did it this week, but nothing GREAT. ;o)

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Mrs. Tara said...

I found somewhere that matches up for you- so consider not paying for the Grocery Game. It is

Glad you are back. Also glad you are feeling better. Welcome back to the blogging world.


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