Monday, June 30, 2008

More CVS Scenarios

Okay, so I just found out today that CVS takes HEB coupons!!! I didn't know they take competetor's qps...AWESOME! HEB has the CG Mascara qps for $2 off so here are a couple of MY scenarios I'll do tomorrow on my way home from errands in RR . . .


Trans 1
CG Mascara x5 $24.95
CVS Skin Item $.79
Subtotal $25.74
($4/20) CVS qp
($2) skin qp
($10) HEB qps
$9.74 , use ecbs to pay
earn $10 ecbs

Trans 2
Viva Paper Towels $6.99
Phys.Form Mascara $7.99
CVS Skin Item $.99
Subtotal $15.97
($3/15) CVS qp
($2) skin qp
($1) HEB qp for PT
$9.97, use ecbs from Trans 1 to pay
earn $2, $7.99 ecbs

Trans 3
Stayfree Pads x4 $17.96 (4.49 ea)
Viva PT $6.99
Schick Intuition (x2) $20.36(B1G1, but only figure in the $10.18 in subtotal)
CVS Skin Item $.99
Subtotal $35.94
($4/20)CVS qp
($3/15) CVS qp
($2) skin qp
($9) B1G1 qps for the Stayfree x2
($8) $4 Schick qp x2
$9.94, use $7.99 & $2 ecbs from Trans 2
earn $6, $2 ecbs

Started with $10 ecbs, ended with $8 and about $87 in merchandise. :o)

CVS Water

2 Cases of H2O $5.98
1 Phys.Form Masc. $7.99
1 CVS Skin $.79
Used 3/15, $2 CVS qp and $10 ecbs
OOP $.43
earned $7.99

Wanted the bottled water and was right across the street doing my WAG deal so I ran in real quick to do this, yes I burned $2 ecbs but that's okay. :o) Made up for that in my WAG deal!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Thanks Erika for pointing this one out to me!!! I'm going tomorrow, we tried tonight but the pharmacy was closed! :o(

There is going to be an awesome deal coming up at Walgreens for the week of June 29th that will get you free Walgreens brand diapers.

On June 29 the new sales ad will start. Walgreens brand Jumbo packages of diapers (both the white and red packages) will be on sale for $5.99 each. In the July Easysaver booklet there will be a coupon in there for $5 off 2 packages of Walgreens diapers. This coupon will automatically
adjust itself and give you 2.50 each package you buy. This booklet will be available in stores starting June 27th.

You also need to go to the pharmacy and ask for a $50 Walgreens savings booklet. These booklets are free to anyone who asks about the newprescription savings plan. You don't have to buy the savings plan justask about it and get the booklet. Many employees don't know where the
booklets are so insist that someone who does know get one for you. They are a white and red booklet that is folded over 3 times and contains various Walgreens coupons for their store brand items. One of the coupons inside that book is for $2 off one package of Walgreens brand
diapers. This coupon automatically scans for $2 off each package you buy.

Both of the above coupons are Walgreens store coupons. You can combine them for the same purchase. All you have to do is present them to the cashier and they both scan fine. Also since both are store coupons the cashier will not need them for their drawer like a regular coupon. She
scans them and you can keep them for future purchases. So hang on to them both! Even though they may say limit one they scan and give you the adjusted amount off for each package you buy.

During the entire month from June 27th until July 28th Walgreens has another deal where you buy any 3 listed products (this deal is advertised in the Easysaver coupon & rebate booklet) you will get a $5 Register Reward Coupon for anything on your next purchase. Walgreens
Jumbo diapers are one of the qualifying products.

So this is how to maximize the deal and get FREE Diapers! Remember for the week of June 29th!

Buy three packages of Walgreens brand Jumbo diapers (white or red package) for $5.99 each on sale. Your total will be $17.97. Give the cashier your Easysaver coupon in the Easysaver booklet for $5 off when you buy two packages. Remember this will give you 2.50 off each package for a total off of $7.50 Your total now will be $10.47. Now give the cashier your $2 coupon that is inside the Pharmacy coupon booklet. This will give you $6 off total. Now your total will be $4.47

You need to pay the $4.47. After you pay you will recieve a coupon from the coupon machine next to the register for $5 off your next purchase of almost anything. This makes the diapers FREE in essence.

This deal is unlimited! But there are a few tricks to get the mostout of it. Do not buy more than 3 packages in one transaction. If you buy 6 packages you will not recieve two $5 Register coupons. So only buy 3 at a time.

Remember to keep your two coupons for each additional purchase you make. The cashiers do not need to keep them since they are store coupons and the register automatically keeps track of how many are used.

When you get your $5 Register coupon DO NOT use it to help pay for your second transaction of more diapers. This will void out you getting another $5 coupon. The only way to get a $5 register coupon for each transaction is to pay with cash, debit, credit or giftcard. Just save all your register coupons.

The pharmacy coupon booklets are available now. So if you want to get that early go ahead. The July Easysaver booklet that has the $5 diaper coupon will not be available until June 27th. The sale price does not start until June 29th. So get yourself together and ready to do this deal for the week of June 29th.

More Scenarios . . .

Here are some more GREAT scenarios! Thanks milkdonormama . . .

Transaction #1:
1 CVS swabs 3.99 (used skincare coupon, get $2ecb)
Bic Soleil razor
Bic soleil cartridges (6.99 each, used two $4 coupons, get $5ecb)
physician's formula mascara 7.99 (get $7.99 ecb)

used $5 off $25
used $4 off $20
OOP: $0.54

Transaction #2:
Listerine smart rinse 3.49 (get $3.49 ecb)
Bic soleil razor
Bic soleil cartridges (used $4 and $2 coupons, get $5 ecb)
CVS sunscreen 2.19 (used $2 skincare coupon)

used $4 off $20
OOP $0.41

Transaction #3:
crest 1.99 ($1 coupon, get $1 ecb)
2 colgate $1.77 used 2 $1.50 coupons
2 lifesavers 2.19 (b1g1f, b1g1f coupon makes free)
2 coppertone 8.99 ea get $10 ecb
cvs sunscreen 2.19 used skincare $2 off coupon

used $5 off $25
used $4 off $20

oop $1.27

total oop for all three transactions $2.22

I started with $23.00 ecb and ended with $32.49, so they essentially paid me $7.27 for all that stuff!

CVS 6/29th another scenario

Here's another Belinda sent over, thanks!!!

2 CVS tampons $2.98
2 CVS pantiliners $1.98
1 CVS hand soap $1.49
1 BIC razor $6.99
1 BIC refill $6.99
= - $4/20 - $2 CVS skin - $4 BIC - $4 BIC
= $6.43 get back $9.96 ECBs

or above and adding 1 CVS Gold emblem nuts $3.99
= $24.42 $4/20 - $3 CVS brand - $2 CVS skin - $4 BIC - $4 BIC
= $7.42 get back $9.96 ECBs

CVS 6/29th

Trip 1

CVS hand soap $1.49
Physicians formula $7.99
Rt Guard deo $6.99
=$16.47 - $3/15 CVS-$2 CVS skin-$1 Physicians (regional Q, TX didn't get it..I got them from e-bay) - $1 Rt guard
=$9.47 get back $13

Trip 2

CVS bar soap $.79
BIC razor $6.99
BIZ refills $6.99
Clairol natural instincts $5.99
=$20.76 - $4/20 - $2 CVS skin - $4 BIC - $4 BIC - $4 Clairol
= $2.76 get back $6 ECBS

Trip 3

3 CVS gold emblem water $2.99 (SUN/MON only!) $7.97
CVS foam hand soap $1.99
Maybelline mascara $4.99
=$14.95 - $3/15 - $3 CVS brand crt - $1 CVS water crt - $2 CVS skin - $1 Maybelline (the $2 Q was another Regional Q TX DIDN't get so using up overage from soap to cover the Maybelline mascara! found Q's on cosmetic displays at WAG :),
= $4.95 get back $2

Total OOP is $17.18 get back $21 ECBs!

Without the $1 Maybelline and $1 Physicians it's $19.18 get back $21 ECBs! :)

Thanks Belinda!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Great CVS Coupons

Here are some great coupon links to use with your scenarios next week 6/29-7/5

Beauty Book Coupons
Included are...
$1/2 Smartwater 1-liter bottles
$2/1 Any Skin Effects
$3/2 Sally Hansen Nail Color or Nail Treatment
$1/2 Dasani or Evian 1-liter bottles
$1/1 Any CVS/pharmacy Brand Suncare 3 0z. or larger
$2/1 Any CVS/pharmacy Brand Defining Skincare
$2/1 Any CVS/pharmacy Brand Skincare (Be sure to check out the free and cheap CVS items you can get with this!)
$2/1 Any Cristophe Beverly Hills Haircare
$1.50/1 Any BreathRx Item priced at $8 or more
$2/1 Any 24.7 Minerals or Skincare

Bic Soleil Coupon here. (you can print 2, just hit the back button after the first one prints)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Simplifying Cleaning

I loved this post and am going to use this idea for our home, just wanted to share!

Save $$$ on tons of cleaning supplies that take up so much space and wasted inventory that can free up shopping money for mommy! :o)

ECB Deals 6/29-7/5

Start your Scenario Planning for next week! Here are the deals for 6/29-7/5! Thanks SDs!

You can view the actual ad here.

ECB Deals

$3 ECB wyb 4 Pepsi 12 pk (4/$12) LIMIT 1

$7.99 ECB wyb Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Mascara $7.99 LIMIT 1
Any Physicians Formula cosmetic product, $1, (8/31/08) SS 6/1/08

$10 ECB wyb 2 Coppertone Suncare Products LIMIT 1

$5 ECB wyb Right Guard Professional Strength ($6.99) LIMIT 1
Right Guard Professional Strength Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, any $1 (7-31-08) SS 05/18/08

$1 ECB wyb ALL Mitchum Deodorant ($3.49) LIMIT 5
Mitchum or Mitchum For Women Product, any .75 (6-30-08) SS 04/06/08

$1.50 ECB wyb Stayfree, Carefree, or O.B. ($4.49) LIMIT 1
Carefree Product, any 34 ct.+ $1 on 2 (7-31-08) RP 04/27/08
Stayfree Product, any except trial size $2/2 (7-31-08) RP 04/27/08
-$2 off Carefree Pantiliner crt

$1 ECB wyb Crest Baking Soda and peroxide, cavity or tartar ($1.99) LIMIT 1
Crest Cavity Protection, Tartar Protection, etc. Toothpaste, any 4.1 oz.+ $1 on 2 (6-30-08) PG 06/01/08

$5 ECB wyb Crest Whitestrips Premium ($29.99) LIMIT 1
Crest Whitestrips Premium, Premium Plus, Renewal, etc., any $5 (6-30-08) PG 06/01/08

$9.99 ECB wyb Accu Chek Compact Plus Diabetes Monitoring Kit ($9.99) LIMIT 1

$4 ECB wyb Prilosec OT 28ct. ($18.99)LIMIT 1
Prilosec OTC, any $1 (6-30-08) PG 06/01/08

$2 ECB wyb Maybelline The Colossel Volume Express Mascara ($4.99) LIMIT 5
Maybelline Mascara, Any $1 (07-31-2008) 04-27-08 RP
Maybelline Face Product, Any $2 (07-31-2008) 04-27-08 RP

$2 ECB wyb Viva Paper Towels 8ct. ($6.99) LIMIT 4
Viva Towels Big Roll Package, any .35 (7-20-08) SS 04/27/08

$5 ECB wyb $10 Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit or Refill ($5.99 & $7.99) LIMIT 1
$2 off starter kit exp. 12/31/08 found inside refill boxes
.55 off refill exp. 12/31/08 found inside refill boxes
$1 on any one Sweeper starter kit or 2 dry or wet refills exp. 09/30/08 home mailer

$5 ECB wyb $15 Gold Bond Lotion, Powder, Crème LIMIT 1
Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder or Foot Spray $1 (10-31-08) SS 06/01/08
Gold Bond Therapeutic Foot Cream $2 (10-31-08) SS 06/01/08
Gold Bond Ultimate Healing or Softening Lotion, any 5.5 or 14 oz. $1 (10-31-08) SS 06/01/08
Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring Lotion, any $2 (10-31-08) SS 06/01/08

$1 ECB wyb Clairol Natural Insticts ($5.99) LIMIT 1
Clairol Natural Instincts $4 (6-30-08) PG 06/01/08

$5 ECB wyb Bic Soliel Razor + 4ct. cartdriges ($6.99 & up) LIMIT 4
Bic Soleil, Twilight or Citron Shaver 4-pack $2 (7-13-08) SS 06/01/08
$ 4 off Bic Soleil razor or cartridges 4 pack or 8 pack SS6/23/08 (7/27/08)

Two Days Sale Only

Gold Emblem Purified drinking water 24 pk, 16.9 oz bottles, For $2.99 ( Initial Two day only), $3.99 after Monday

Gold Emblem Purified nuts For $2.99 ( Initial Two day only), $3.99 after Monday (purified nuts sound a bit scary.. -gmoney)

Cottonelle Bathroom tissue double or giant role 12 pack for $ 4.99 ( Initial Two day only), $5.99 after Monday

-$1 Cottonelle toilet paper 4pk+ .exp 07/19/08 SS 06/22/08


Doritos 12.5 oz for $3.79, excludes baked.

Haggen Dazs Icecream for $4.49
-$2/2 Pints Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Exp 10/31/08 Tearpad found at wa wa (in MD)

All Revlon powder, blush, foundation or concealer

Kleenex facial tissues for $2.19

Nature Made Vitamin or Supplements

-$1.50 Nature Made Liquid Softgel Vitamins any (8-31-08) SS 6/1/08
-$1.50 Nature Made Liquid Softgel Vitamins any (7-31-08) June-AllYou Magazine (WalMart)

Xtra Laundry detergent 32-50 loads

Sun light dish liquidn12.6 - 14.5 oz

Maxwell House Instance Coffee 8 oz.

Nabisco or Keebler Pecan Sandies, Honey Maid Grahams, Nutter Butter or Fig Newton

Life Saver, Crème Savers or Gummi Savers

All Sprint Pre Paid Phone Cards

Softsoap Body Wash 12 oz. psa 3.99-4.99
Softsoap Body Wash, any except 2 oz. $1 (6-21-08) SS 6/1/08


Pepsi 2 liter , 5 for $5

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is it Tuesday already?!?!?!?! We have our Backyard Bible Adventure every night at 6:30, we're serving at the Round Rock Area Serving Center on Saturday and having our service on Sunday, so it's a light week. :o)

Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Easy Chicken Parmesan
Wednesday: Enchiladas
Thursday: Grilled Shrimp Salads
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Chicken Sautee
Sunday: Dinner with friends.

CVS June 22nd

We have our Backyard Bible Adventure this week so my focus is on daily lessons for the kids and not too much on CVS. :o( I did get a quick trip in yesterday and am going to try to get in there another night this week after here it goes:

Trans #1
Pampers $13.99
CVS Band Aids $1.99
subtotal $15.98
($3/15 cvs qp)
($1 pampers qp)
$11.98 used ecbs to pay

Colgate $2.99
x2 $2.99
Oral B Indicator $4.99
x2 $4.99
CVS Skin Care $2.49
Toy for kids $1.00
subtotal $19.45
($3/15 CVS qp)
($3.00 Colgate qp x2)
($4.99 BOGO Oral B)
($2.00 CVS qp)
$9.44 used ecbs to pay, spent $1.46 oop (Giftcard)

Trans #3
Oral B $6.99 (monthly deal)
x2 $6.99 (monthly deal)
CVS Skincare $1.49
CandyBar $.79
subtotal $16.26
($3/15 CVS qp)
($6.99 BOGO Oral B)
($2.00 CVS Skin qp)
$7.25 used ecbs from previous transactions, spent $.29 oop (GC)

Trans #4 (needed wipes so I had to do the Huggies deal even though I don't think it's too great, but I didn't lose any money yesterday!)
SmartRinse $3.49
x3 $3.49
Huggies Wipes $7.99
CVS Skincare $1.99
subtotal $20.45
($3/15 CVS qp)
(3.00 SRinse qpsx2)
($.50 Huggies qp)
(2.00 CVS Skin qp)
$12.45 used ecbs to pay, $.97 oop (GC)

Began with $14 ecbs
Left with $18 ecbs

Friday, June 20, 2008

Walgreens Deal

Thanks Money Saving Mom!

Crest Healthy Radiance Whitening Kit - $7.99
Use $3/1 coupon from the June Easysaver book - $3/1
Use $3/1 coupon from Sunday paper

$1.99 after coupons

This one is a hidden deal:

Buy 2 tubs of Huggies Natural Care Wipes (80ct) - $2.50x2~ $5.00
Use (2) $1/1 coupon from 5/18 paper
Get a Catalina Coupon for $2 off next order
Get $2 in Rapid Rewards back
$.50 a Tub after coupons

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Target Deal - - - MORE CEREAL!

Check this one out ...

Target is having a giftcard giveaway if you purchase multiple Kellogg Cereal from 6/22 - 6/28.

Here are the details:

-Kellogg Cereal Product (ex: Coco Pops, Mini Wheat, Rasin Brun (crunch), Apple Jacks Froot Loops) will be 5 for $11. If you buy 5 boxes, you will also receive a $5 Target Giftcard.

This works to be just over $1 per box!!!

Thanks for the tip Erika!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stop by Wendy's before July 18th!

Get $1 off any Wendy's hamburger with this coupon (can be printed twice per computer). Includes the 1/4lb single, double, 3/4lb triple, and the Baconator (coupon does not state whether it's accepted on the value menu burgers). Good through July 18, 2008. (Thanks, Laura!)

Walmart Deals

I'm heading to Walmart to do my weekly deals . . . here's what I'm doing today! Thanks to Money Saving Mom, Denise and Slickdeals - - - my favorite resources!

** Remember on the Bricks Coupons, after it prints, hit your back button and it will allow you to print two per computer **

Kashi cereal is $2/box
Use this $2/1 coupon (you can print two)
Free after coupon!

LiveActive cereal is $2.98
Use this $3/1 coupon (you can print two)
Free after coupon!

Honey Bunches of Oats cereals are $1.98/box
Print $2/1 coupons here, here, here, here
Free after coupon!

Oral B. Dental "Essentials" Floss - $0.97
Use $1/1 coupon from 06/01 P&G insert
Free after coupon

Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise (45oz) is priced at $1.50
Use this $1/1 coupon
$0.50 after coupon Be sure to get your FREE Juicy Juice Sippy Cup when you register! Got mine in the mail last week!

Cheerio Snack Mix - $1.50
Use $1/1 coupon here
$0.50 after coupon

V8 Acacia Berry Fusion - $2.98
Use $2/1 here
$0.98 after coupon

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CVS Scenarios

Since I only did one scenario today (2 oral b stages power tbrushs, gal milk, EOB face puff, used $3off$15, B1G1 Tbrsh qp and $5 oop was $.40 and I earned $6ecbs.) I thought I'd share with you some scenarios from a true CVS guru!

Thank you Belinda, my shop-a-holic sister in law (hee-hee) for these great scenarios! You are making me want to go back, LOL ... THESE ARE ALL MONEY MAKERS GIRLS - - - she's good!

trip 1 and 2

2 Sally Hansen nail pens $7.99 x 2 = $15.98
CVS face scrub $2.99
Huggies baby wash or Listerine rinse $3.49
= $22.46 - $4 CVS - $3/2 Sally - $2 CVS skin - $1 wash or rinse
= $12.46 get back $12 or $13.49

trip 3

2 oral b TB $5.99 x 2 = $11.98
1 Almay mascara $6.99
1 CVS bar soap .79
1 Gerber food puffs $2.39 -- figured to use the $1.21 overage to cover these! :)
= $22.15 - $4 CVS - $5.99 BOGO - $2 CVS skin
= $10.16 get back $11 ECBs

trip 4

2 oral b TB $5.99 x 2 = $11.98
1 Tylenol 8 hr $3.99
1 CVS bar soap .79
1 Gerber food puffs $2.39
1 French mustard $1.50
=$20.65 - $4 CVS - $5.99 BOGO - $1 Tylenol and $1.50 Pain Relief CRT - $2 Skin - .50 mustard
=$5.66 get back $8 ECBs

trip 5

1 Almay mascara $6.99
CVS face scrub $2.99
2 CVS band aids $1.99 x 2 = $3.98
2 CVS swabs $3.19 x 2 = $6.38
= $20.34 - $4 CVS - $2 Almay crt (only got it on ONE CARD!!), $2 CVS skin - $3/10 CVS brand
= $9.34 get back $12.98

Monday, June 16, 2008

CVS - - - MORE Toothbrushes!

Thanks for this tip Carrie!

Oral-B Cross Action or Stages Power Toothbrush $3 EB ($5.99) (limit 5)
BOGO Stages toothbrush .exp 06/30/08 PG 06/01/08 (Coupon good on manual Stages) BOGO Oral-B CrossAction Power or CrossAction Power Whitening Toothbrush SS 6/15/08 (expires 7/31/08)

You can get the Princess Power Toothbrushes and they too generate the $3 ECBS!

I was going to take a break this week on CVS since there really wasn't anything that pulls me to go, maybe the Sally Hansen stuff since I have a bunch of $3 off CVS qps but now I must get the toothbrush for my princess! If anyone needs the $3 off qp, email me and I'll send it over!

Here's this week's Menu!

Burgers on the Grill, Yellow Squash, Rice
TUESDAY: Pasta and Broccoli
WEDNESDAY: Enchiladas
THURSDAY: Sausage Rollups
FRIDAY: Leftovers
SATURDAY: Chicken, Rice and Beans
SUNDAY: Dinner with Friends

Friday, June 13, 2008

WEEKLY RECAP 6/8 - 6/15


TOTAL OOP: $15 (used my giftcard)



Duracell Battery Deal

I went along on an unexpected CVS run last night and this was my last deal of the week...

8 Pack of Duracell Batteries AA x3 and AAA x1 $21.16
SmartRinse x2 $ 6.98
Essence of Beauty Facial Buff $ 1.99

Subtotal $ 30.13
(3.00) Duracell qps ($.75off x4)
(2.00) SRinse qps ($1off x2)
(10.00) ECB
(5.00) ECB
OOP $4.13
$10, $6.98 ECBS earned

So I used about $2 after my ecbs earned and that's not too bad, it would have been less if the lady just pushed my beauty qps through!!!!! ugh! But at least we have "real" batteries and not the ones from Dollar Tree for a little while. LOL

I also did my cereal and Nivea deal again on my way home from Dollar Tree in Taylor yesterday, never knew there was a CVS over there so I just HAD to stop in!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

CVS $2 off QP

Thanks for this great FREE filler Denise!

$2.00 off any CVS brand skincare item here. print at 80%, if you print at the 100% it's HUGE!

The possiblities are endless..

Use on ANY CVS skin related product, even the cute little kids spray sanitizer, hand soap, Essence of Beauty products, and on and on...

I used these last night but the register would only take one per transaction, said it exceeded the limit allowed.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CVS Part 2

I was on my way home from HEB so I HAD to go across the street to CVS too! :o)

Trans#1: 2 Honey Nut Cheerios (-$1 off coupon 2x)
2 Fiber One Cereals (-$1 off coupon 2x)
2 Nature Valley Granola Bars (-$.65 and $.55 man qps)
4 Nivea Shaving Creams (-$4/2 qp 2x)
Subtotal: $30.00
($3/15) CVS qp
($3/15) CVS qp
($13.20) Man qps

Total: $10.80
(10.00) Paid with ECBs

OOP $.80
ECBS Earned: $10, $5

Trans#2: Listerine Smart Rinse (-$1 off coupon) Buy them on Ebay!
4 Dove Deoderant Bars (-$.75 qp 4x)
CVS Bandaids
Subtotal: $15.48
($3/15) CVS qp
($4.00) Man qps

Total: $8.48
(8.00) Paid with ECBs

OOP $.48
ECBS Earned: $3.49, $3, $1.99

Monday, June 9, 2008

Menu Plan Monday June 9th

MONDAY: Ginger/Lemon Chicken Breast, Asparagus, Cauliflower Mashers

TUESDAY: Greek Salad

WEDNESDAY: Balsamic Chicken Breast, Green Beans, Salad

THURSDAY: South Beach Burgers, Steamed Broccoli, Brown Rice

FRIDAY: Cobb Salad

SATURDAY: BBQ Chicken, Corn on the Cobb and Salad

SUNDAY: Leftovers

CVS June 9th

I have been without a car for over a week and am LOSING MY MIND! Just ran a quick CVS run to at least go get the weekly flyer since it wasn't in my paper yesterday. Of course when I got there, yup no flyers left LOL! I was surprised to see that they had 3 Papers and 1 set of inserts left from yesterday!! Mental Note...check that next time I go in before I complete my purchases. I bought these (3, plus 1 free set of inserts that were at the bottom) and had to blow ecbs on them since they wouldn't just give them to me. Yes, I did try to get them to just give me the inserts, didn't work! But that's okay, I made out a ton for my next trip this week with LOTS of Dove, Nivea and General Mills qps! Definitely not a loss, but I really like, uh LOVE free!

So here was my quick trip tonight... These were on one of my four cards. Nivea is limit 4 per card so I can still do this 3 more times on this card and another 15 times if I were crazy! LOL Definitely do NOT need that much shaving cream, HA!

4 Nivea Shaving Gels (limit 2/card) $10.36 (used $4/2 qp, $1 qp)
1 Huggies Baby Wash $3.49 (used $1 qp)
1 CVS BandAids (limit 2/card) $1.99
Donated $1 to LGD Found $1.00
Subtotal $16.84
(3.00) $3/15
(6.00) Man qps
(6.99) ecbs
OOP $.85 earned $5,$2,$1.99 ecbs

4 Nivea Shaving Gels $10.36 (used two $2 qps found here)Thanks Denise!
1 Huggies Baby Wash $3.49 (used $1 qp)
1 CVS BandAids $1.99
1 Gallon Milk $3.49
Subtotal $19.33
(3.00) $3/15
(5.00) Man qps
(10.99) ecbs
OOP $.34 earned $5,$2,$1.99, ecbs

$.6.99 ecbs + $.85 + $.34 = $8.18 used, left with $8.99 for next time.

My plans for later this week...

General Mills Cereal or Snack Bars (Buy $20 get $10 ecbs) Lots of them were 3/$10

6 Boxes of Cereal $20
4 Nivea Shave Gels $10
SUBOTAL $30.00
(3.00) $3/15 CVS
(3.00) $3/15 CVS
(4.00) $4/2 Nivea from yesterday's paper
(4.00) $4/2 Nivea from yesterday's paper
(1.00) Honey Nut Cheerios qp here.
(1.00) HN Cheerios, can print it twice
(1.00) Fiber One Cereal qp here.
(1.00) Fiber One Cereal qp, can print twice
(.55) Cinnamon Toast Crunch qp here.
(.55) Trix qp here. Bring your $1/2 General Mills Cereals from the Sunday paper just in case they are out of those particular ones!
OOP $12.90 (use ecbs to pay) EARN $15 ECBS, MAKE $2.90!!

Scenario #2
4 Dove Deoderant 2/$5 $10.00 (use 4 $.75/1 qps from yesterday's paper)
Listerine Smart Rinse $3.49 (use $1 qp I bought from Ebay)
CVS BandAids $1.99
Subtotal $15.48
(3.00) $3/15 CVS
(4.00) man qps
OOP $8.48 (use ecbs) EARN $3, $3.49, $1.99 ECBS, BREAK EVEN!

Monday, June 2, 2008

CVS June 1st

So-So trip last night to CVS. I only did two of the four cards and had 2 transactions on each, too busy to figure out scenarios this weekend but I think I did okay on a whim!

Card #1 (Burned about $4.07 on this card, ugh!)
Trans.1: Pampers EasyUps 7.99x2 ~ $15.98 (use $2 off 2 qp)
Listerine Smart Rinse $ 3.49 (use $1 off qp)
Subtotal after man qps $16.47
(5.00) $5 off $15 CVS qp
(11.47) ecbs
TOTAL $0.00 oop EARNED $3.49 ecbs (smartrinse)

Trans.2: Pampers Wipes 2.99x2 $5.98 (use $2 off 2qp)
Gillette Fusion Razor $9.99 (use $4 off qp)
Subtotal after man qps $15.97
(5.00) $5 off $15 CVS qp)
(3.49) ecbs from previous transaction
TOTAL $1.60 oop (used my giftcard for transferring a prescription today so really nothing out of pocket!) EARNED $5, $4 ecbs for next week (Pampers and Fusion limit1 of each per card) **lost a couple ecbs on this one but needed diapers and didn't have time to plan the scenarios out!**

Card #2 (Burned about $7.47 on this card, ugh!)
Trans.1: Dawn Dishsoap x2 $2.00 (used $.25, $.25 qps)
Bounty PTowels 5.99x2 $11.98 (used $.25, $.25 qps)
Listerine SmartRinse $3.49 (used $1 qp)
Subtotal after man. qps $17.47
(5.00) $5 off $15 CVS qp
(10.00) ecbs
TOTAL $.47 oop EARNED $3.49 ECBS from SmartRinse

Trans.2: Charmin TP $4.99x2 $9.98 (used $.25, $.25 qps)
Gillette Fusion $9.99 (used $4 qp)
Subtotal after man. qps $19.97
(5.00) $5 off $15 CVS qp
(8.49) ecbs
TOTAL $6.47oop EARNED $10 Bounty/Charmin, $4 Fusion (used my gc again and although the oop was $6.94, I earned back $14 for next week

So all in all, I blew a few bucks since the diapers weren't the best deal and I didn't work out my scenarios in advance, I literally was working as I was walking through the busy store! I wasn't going to have the car this week since it's in the shop so I desperately ran out to do my cvsing before my $11.47 ecbs and $5off$15 expired. I learned a lesson...plan to a tee! Hubby still thinks I got a great deal if you think in terms of 11 bucks for all that stuff plus ecbs for next time, but you real cvs'rs know better! lol Thank goodness for the giftcard but I still don't feel like I did that great! Maybe I'll try to work some scenarios for my other two cards for next Saturday, I'm a little bummed and am not in the CVS mood right now! :o)

What were your scenarios this week?


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