Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally, INTERNET!!!!! We moved this weekend and finally got back up and running on the web! All my friends are CVSing around me and I'm dying to work out some scenarios and head out myself . . . maybe later this week!

Bare with me, I'll be back in the swing of things in not time. :o)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Great Printables!

Thanks to MomsbyHeart for this one!

Best COUPONS and REBATES on the web - snatch these up while they're available:

$1.00 Johnsons Buddies soap - retails for $.99 - $1.09 so print two!
$1.50 off Nestle Toll House Morsels - reg price approx $1.99-$2.39
$1.00 off Barilla Piccolini Pasta - reg price approx $1.29-$1.49
$1.00 off CoffeeMate liquid
$1.00 off Blue Bunny Bomb Popsicles - retails for around $1.79
$1.00 off Windex pair this with a rebate or sale at Walgreens!
B1G1 FREE Scrubbing Bubbles Flushable Wipes - there's sure to be a sale at Wags soon!
$1.00 off Pledge - I wish I could print more!
B1G1 FREE Glade Flameless Candles - love these!
$1.00 off Cascadian Farms Purely Steam Frozen Veggies - reg price $1.25-$2
Country Bob’s Sauce - FREE coupon by mail
$1.00 off Duncan Hines Carrot Cake and TRY ME FREE rebate.
$1.00 off Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers you pay $.25-$.50 after coupon
$2.00 off Bertoli Oven Baked Meals
$1.00 off Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
, 4 count $.40-$.75 after coupon
$1.00 off Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, 4 count approx $.50 after coupon
$1.00 off Pillsbury Toaster Strudel you pay $.60-$.89
$1.00 off Vlassic Pickle Ovals or Relish you pay $.60 or less!
$5.00 off Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser retail approx $5.99=-$6.59
$3.00 off Preparation H Wipes prices vary
$1.00 off Arm & Hammer Essentials Starter Kit plus TRY ME FREE rebate
Physicians Formula Eye Shadow, Mascara, Foundation, Tweezer TRY ME FREE rebates
$1.00 off EACH Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms and Reeses Puffs
Zout Stain Remover TRY ME FREE REBATE
One package LAND O LAKES BUTTER (1 lb - 8 half sticks) TRY ME FREE rebate
$5.00 Rebate from Lysol

Thursday, September 25, 2008

WAGS Double Dipping and $5/20 qp this weekend!

Not only is it the infamous "Double Dipping" weekend, but there is also a $5/20 qp to use to sweeten your deal found here.

Garnier Fructis
Buy $20 Garnier Fructis hair care items get $10 after Easy saver rebate (September)
$3 off on Garnier Fructis Shampoo or conditioner 25.4 oz , or Deep conditioner 10.2 oz (Oct IVC)

Garnier Fructis Style Product, any $1 (12-31-08) V 9/14/08
Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial $1 (12-31-08) V 9/14/08

Pediasure Nutripals 4 pack bottles or 6 pack bars - $5.99 or $6.49
Save $1 on Pediasure NutriPals Fruit Bars, 6 pack, or 4 or 6 pack 8oz Bottles(Sept IVC)
Save $1 on Pediasure NutriPals Fruit Bars, 6 pack, or 4 or 6 pack 8oz Bottles(October IVC)
Save $2 Pediasure NutriPals 4pk bottles or 6pk bars - Walgreens pharmacy COLORING book

Jergens Lotion
$1 off on Jergens lotion, 10-26.5 oz, Choice of Formulaa excludes Jergens Natural Glow.(Sept IVC)
$1 off on Jergens lotion, 10-26.5 oz, No Exclusions.(Oct IVC)

Bic Comfort3 Disposable razors
$1 off Bic Comfort3 Disposable razors 4 pk (Sept IVC)
$1 off Bic Comfort3 Disposable razors4 pk (Oct IVC)
Bic Comfort 3 Advance Shaver, 4-pack $2 (10-26-08) SS 9/14/08
Bic Soleil, Soleil Twilight, or Soleil Citron Shaver, 4-pack $2 (10-26-08) SS 9/14/08

Children's Tylenol
$1.50 off Children's Tylenol Liquid 4 oz or Infants drop 1 oz (Sept IVC)
$1.50 off Children's Tylenol Liquid 4 oz or Infants drop 1 oz (Oct IVC)

Tylenol Rapid release Gelcaps
$1.50off Tylenol Rapid release Gelcaps 40 to 50 pk or Arthiritis caples 50 pk (Sept IVC)
$1.50off Tylenol Rapid release Gelcaps 40 to 50 pk or Arthiritis caples 50 pk (Oct IVC)

Tylenol Extra Strength Rapid Release Gels Product, any except trial $2 (12-31-08) SS 9/14/08

Tylenol sinus and cold
$1.50 off Tylenol Sinus, Cold gelcaps rapid release 24 pk or cold cough liquid 8 oz (Sept IVC)
$1.50 off Tylenol Sinus, Cold gelcaps rapid release 24 pk or cold cough liquid 8 oz (Oct IVC)

Tylenol Product, any except trial $1 (10-30-08) SS 7/27/08

Pert plus 2in1 Shampoo and conditioner 13.5 oz only (Notice size. Very important)
Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo or Conditioner 13.5 oz up to $4.29 Limit 1 Free after ESR Sept
$2.50 off Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo or Conditioner 13.5 oz or 25.4 oz.OCT IVC
Pert Plus Shampoo Plus Conditioner, any except trial $2 (9-30-08) SS 8/3/08
Pert Plus, any except trial size $1.50 (10-15-08) SS #2 9/7/08

Glade scented oil candle with holder - $5.99 ea. *** I've been waiting for this one!!!!***
Save $2 on Glade or Oust Scented Oil Candles with Holder (Sept IVC p.25)
$2 ESR - limit 4 (Oct ESR)

Glade Scented Oil Candles Holder, any $2 (10-25-08) SS 9/14/08

Nestle Bag Candy
$1 on 2 bags Nestle Minitures 10-12oz (Sept IVC)
Printable $1 off 2 bags Nestle Butterfinger, Crunch, or Baby Ruth Fun Size
Printable $1 off 1 bag Nestle Candy 10oz or larger

$4 on 4 bags of Hershey’s, Mars, or Nestle Fun Size or Snack Size Candy 10.23-12.5oz (Oct ESR)

Buy $10 Hersheys, Mars or Nestle get $4
$1/2 Mars Minis IVC Sept Book page 7(exp 9/27)
$1/2 Nestle Minis IVC Sept Book (exp 9/27)

$2/2 Nestle Fun Size Bags IVC Sept Book (exp 9/27)
$1 off 1 Bag of Nestle Candy, 10 oz or larger, HERE

Lindt Chocolate bars sale 2/$3
-$1.00 each - October EasySaver coupon pg 2
Final cost: 2/$1

Glade Fabric Refresher- $2.99 ea. Limit 10
October ES $1 rebate
-$1 September IVC

-$1.5 mfr coupon
Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator, $1.50 (10-04-08) SS 8/24/08

The October ESR should be in stores by 9/26, you could catch a sneak peak here if you are a visual person like me. :o)


H-E-B Man QP's (can be used at CVS & WAGS)

Here are some Manufacturer qps I found this morning at HEB. Remember you can use these anywhere, CVS,WAGS,WM, etc. since they are manufacturer coupons. I knew they would come out with Viva and Cottonelle after I already did the deal at CVS, LOL. Here is a quick list of the ones I picked up today:

B1G1 Quaker Fruit Crisp Cereal Bar exp.11/25
B1G1 Quaker Granola Peanut Butter Bites 6ct exp.11/25
$1/1 Kellogs Cocoa Krispies Choconilla Cereal exp.10/7
$1/1 Cottonelle 12-18 double rolls exp.10/7
$1/1 Viva 8 rolls exp.10/7
$7/1 Nature Made Vitamins 60-500ct exp.9/30
$1/1 Arm & Hammer Detergent 50-100oz. exp.10/14
$1/1 Any Crest Premium Toothpaste 4.1oz or larger exp.10/7

There were more there but I just grabbed the ones I could use at CVS,WAGS and WM. :o)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CVS Beauty Books

Check this out from Bargain Brianna, New CVS Beauty Book Coupons and a Giveaway at her site!

CVS Coupons
$2/1 Blade
$1/1 CVS Brand skincare purchase
$1/1 CVS defining skincare purchase
$2/1 any Cristophe Beverly Hills purchase
$2/1 any Essence of Beauty purchase
$2/1 any U SMILE purchase
$2/1 any Skin Effects purchase

Manufacturer’s Coupons
$2/1 Styli Style
$1/ 2 Aquafina, Sobe Life Water, Propel Invigorating Water, G2 or 700 ml Propel Fitness Water
$1/1 any Dove Chocolate Large Bar
$1/1 any Dove beauty body wash 10 oz. Or larger
$1/1 any Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste (4.0 oz or larger)
$2/1 Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vit E. Body Lotion SPF 15
$2/1 any Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof Antiperspirant/Deodorant (excluding .5 oz product)
$3/2 Sally Hansen Nail Color or Treatment

My Deleted CVS Post

Due to a couple of comments made on my previous post, I deleted it. I was accused of encouraging other women to lie to save $3, when honestly I wasn't encouraging anyone to do anything. I, like most of my readers, are just looking for a way to save a buck. I found the information here, and just passed it along. So please, don't shoot the messenger. I've had over 1,330 hits on my blog today with less than .05% of the readers complaining so I've decided to repost the deal again.

I enjoy the bargain hunting and will continue to do so. It is of course up to you whether or not you would like to jump in or sit this one out.

Thanks to all of my readers, and fellow money savers out there for your tips and of course your support.

Happy CVSing!

CVS Sneak Peak 9/28-10/4

Since I'm moving this weekend, I thought I would check out next week's deals to see if it's worth the time for me. Check out the ad scans here.

I'm looking to stock up on Fusion Razors for my husband. (He only has 2 left)
Limit 1 per card (I have 4)

Transfer a Prescription for a new gift card. (Mine is all used up as of Monday!)

Blood Glucose Monitore, $5 MM

Colgate (Lots of $1.50 qps from All You Mags)

PopTarts (no ecbs, but CHEAP if you use $1/1 coupons)

Post It's and Command Hooks (I have printable qps for these making them FREE after ecbs)

That really does it for me. I of course will add in my milk, bread and eggs to my deals to get those for free as usual if I do CVS next week. Otherwise, I will figure those items into my WAGS deals since WAGS is closer to me. :o)

I'll be checking out those deals tonight.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grocery Challenge

So did I stay with the 2 week, $100 challenge this week? Well, sorta. I hit the mother load at Walmart today! They had a huge clearance section by the meat department (the one on 79) so I had to stockpile canned tomatoes, jello singles, oatmeal, tuna, etc.

My bill was $199~ before coupons, $113~ after coupons! That was a first for me!!! HUGE SAVINGS! I did have to head over to CVS to work in a couple deals to get my soda, milk, toilet paper and paper towels (all for free of course) and I should be set at least until mid next week.

We are moving on Friday so I'm thinking a little extra money may have to be spent, but it's okay. :o) Hey, I saved $86 in coupons today!!!! I wanted to take a picture of it, but my husband "claimed" there was no time to do that, had to pack half of the dry stuff up...busy, busy, busy!

Have a GREAT week!!!

Menu Plan Monday Sept 22- Oct 5th

Well, it's official, I succeeded in the 2week menu plan so I'm doin' it again! We are moving all weekend of the 26th and have service that weekend so we are keeping it light. :o)

I forgot this week was family faves over at the Organizing Junkie, so I adjusted the menu for tonight to a favorite in this household!

Sept.22nd - Oct 5th

Mon: Spaghetti & Meatballs (family fave)
Tues: Chinese Burgers, Snow Peas & Sliced Peaches
Wed: Pot Roast in Crock Pot
Thurs: Baked Chicken, Bean & Couscous Salad
Fri: Leftovers
Sat: Pizza (Moving Day!)
Sun: Sandwiches and/or leftovers from Church Lunch!

Mon: Slow Cooker Beef Veggie Stew
Tues: Hawaiian Chicken Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries, Broccoli
Wed: Leftovers
Thurs: Enchiladas, Chips & Pico
Fri: Chicken Sausage Gumbo
Sat: MNO (mom's night off!)
Sun: Veggie Lasagna, Salad

More Menu Plans found over at OrgJunkie.com

Saturday, September 20, 2008


ECB Deals
(thanks I*heart*cvs)

$2.99 ecb wyb CVS Pharmacy Vitamin D-400 ($2.99), 100 ct, Limit 1

$1 ecb wyb Noxzema deep cleansing cream 14 oz ($4.99) limit 5

$3 ecb wyb Two Ponds towelettes 30 ct ($6.79-7.29), Limit 5

$6 ecb wyb Be fine cleanser 3.4-4 oz, Mask 5 oz, Toner 3.4 oz or Scrub 3 oz ($15.99) limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Skin vital masks Facial 0.83 oz or Eye 0.17 oz limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Panoxyl acne wash bar 4 oz foaming wash 5.5 oz ($7.99-$10.99) limit 5

$12 ecb wyb $20 Eucerin Redness Relief product includes Cream or lotion 1.7 oz or cleanser 6.8 oz ($8.99-$14.99), Limit 5.
Eucerin, Redness Relief Lotion, $4 off, Printable-bricks
Eucerin, Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser, $2.00 off, Printable

$2 ecb wyb Udderly smooth 12 oz ($4.99), Limit 5

$3 ecb wyb $5 Revlon, Nailene or Fling'rs artifical nails or accessories ($2.19-8.59) limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Irish spring 8 bar value pk ($5.99) limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Emerald mist body wash 20 oz ($3.99)

$1 ecb wyb CVS/Pharmacy bar soap 1-8 pk limit 5

$1 ecb wyb 2 Purell hand sanitizer with aloe ($3.99) limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Grecian 5 mustache and beard or hair color for men ($5.99-$13.99) limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Naturally fresh spray mist deodorant 4 oz ($3.99) limit 5

$3 ecb wyb Antonio banderas fragrances ($21.49) limit 5

$3 ecb wyb Dr. Katz oral rinse 16-16.9 oz or Toothpaste 4 oz limit 5

$5 ecb wyb CVS/pharmacy whitening film 28 ct ($25.99) Easy fit whitening trays 14 ct limit 5

$4 ecb wyb Breathe RX Sensitive mouth rinse 16 oz limit 5

$5 ecb wyb Doctor night guard limit 2

$3 ecb wyb Snorestop chewables 6o ct or extinguisher spray 0.4 oz ($12.99-19.99) limit 5

$2 SleepeEZ shots 4 PK LIMIT 5

$2 ecb wyb 2 Softlips 2 pk ($3.99) limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Cepacol lozenges 16-18 ct ($4.99) or Sore throat spary 100 doses limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Claritin 24 hr, 10 mg 30ct ($23.99) limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Alavert disintegrating or easy to swallow to tablets 12-48 cts ($10.99) limit 3

$2 ecb wyb Afrin pump mist 0.5 oz ($6.79) limit 5

$3 ecb wyb Ayr saline spray 0.75 oz ($3.99) or Rinse kit limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Renu multiplus solution ($8.99) 12 oz limit 5

$2 ecb wyb RohtoV eye drops ($6.99) 0.4 oz limit 5

$1 ecb wyb CVS/pharmacy pink eye drops 0.33 oz or Ear wax removal jet limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Sleep preety in pink earplug 7 pr limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Bodiheat pain relieving heat pad 3 ct ($3.99) limit 5

$1 ecb wtb CVS pain relief hot/cold pk or compress 1 ct ($14.99) limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Aveeno, Cortiad, Neutrogena or Benadryl anti itch or wipes or poison ivy kit limit 1

$1 ecb wyb cvs muscle rub cream 3-4 oz ($4.49-$6.49) limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Baby magic lotion or hair & body wash ($3.99) 15 oz limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Fleet pedia lax liquid softener or suppositories limit 5

$1 ecb wyb 2 Nursery water with fluoride 1 gallon limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Orajel cold sore patch 8 ct or brush limit 5

$10 ecb wyb Life fitness products limit 5

$5ecb wyb Ascensia contour strips 25 ct ($31.59) limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Life fitness insoles ($10.99-13.99) limit 5

$3 ecb wyb Elations supplement6 pk 8 oz bottles limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Just once natural supplements 50 ct limit 5

$5 ecb wyb Joint movement glucosamine 16 oz limit 5

$4 ecb wyb Colace 60 ct or Senokot 100 ct limit 5

$5 ecb wyb Ameal bp capsules 60 ct or chewables 90 ct limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Kotex lightdays 105 or 135 ct limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Always pads 31-35 ct includes 3 free infinity pads limit 5

$3 ecb wyb Vagistat -1 or 3 one or three day treatment limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Summers eve wash 15 oz or clothes 32 ct ($5.69) limit 5

$2 ecb wyb CVS pregnancy test 2 ct limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Answer pregnancy test 1 ct limit 1

$2 ecb wb Preconceive plus lubricant 1.75 oz limit 5

$5 Stuart prenatal supplement 100 ct limit 5

$1 ecb wyb CVS cleansing cloths 18 ct limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Astroglide lubricant, moisturizer or gel 2.5-5 oz limit 5

$2 ecb wyb CVS adult wipes refill 240 ct limit 5

$5 ecb wyb Serenity pads 60 ct or Male guards 48 ct limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Fuze or gold peak tea 16.9- 18.5 oz limit 5

$1 ecb wyb 2 Gatorade or propel 20-24 oz limit 5

$5 ecb wyb $15 Starbucks products (Coffee is $9.99) limit 1

$5 ecb wyb 5 Glaceau smart water 1 liter limit 5

$3 ecb wyb 2 Welch grape juice 64 oz or + limit 5

$1 Kraft Parmesan cheese ($5.99) 8 oz limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Two Betty crocker warm delights ($1.99) limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Stacys ($3.29) or True north products limit 3

$1 ecb wyb 2 Vojo extreme energy mints 0.7 oz limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Iams dog food 3.5-4 lb (7.99-$11.19) limit 5

$1 ecb wyb Nutra trim gum 48 ct ($4.99) limit 5

$2 ecb wyb Colgate maxfresh toothpaste ($3.29) or toothbrush with Mouthwash beads 4.6-6 oz limit 2

$5.99 ecb wyb Well patch arthritis relief pads 3 ct ($5.99) limit 5

Check out the adscans here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Start Planning CVS for next week 9/21-9/27

Sunday and Monday only
$11.99 ECB L'Oreal Advanced Revitalist anti wrinkle serum $11.99 (limit 1)
$3 off L'Oreal Advanced Revitalift Anti Wrinkle Concentrate Or Any Age Perfect Pro Calcium Radiance Perfector, exp 10-12-2008- SS 07-20-08
Physician formula cosmetics
VO5 Shampoo or conditioner 15 oz (65 Cents) after Monday (85 cents)

Weekly ECB Deals
Nivea for Men Body Wash reg retail FREE after 4.99 ecb Limit 1
-Nivea For Men Body Wash, any 8.4 to 16.9 oz. $1 (9-30-08) SS 7/20/08

$4.00 ECB ADIDAS deodorant $4.99 Limit 1
-Adidas Deodorant, Body Spray or Body Wash $1.00 ex 09-30 07-27 RP
$1/1 Adidas Anti-Perspirant, Deodorant, Body Spray or Body Wash (11-15-08) RP 9/7

$3.00 ECB WYB 4 Pepsi 12 pack (4/12.00)
-.50 any 12pk Diet Pepsi Peelie found at CVS exp 12/31/08

$2 ecb wyb Crest Pro Health 4.2oz.( 2.99) Limit 2
75/1 any Crest 4.1 oz or larger PG 8/31 exp 9/30/08

Garnier Fructis 5.99, Spend $15 get 5 ecb
-Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, any Family Size $2 (11-30-08) V 5/4/08
-Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Style Product, any except trial $1 (10-31-08) SS 7/20/08
-Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial $1 (11-30-08) V 5/4/08
-Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial $1 (12-31-08) V 6/22/08

- $1 Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, or styling product RP 8/24/08 (exp 11/30/08)
- $1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, any except trial RP 9/14/08 (exp 12/31/08)

$3.00 ECB WYB 5 Gatorade 32 oz.Propel 1 liter $1.00 each (limit 1)

$10.00 ECB WYB $25 Kimberly clark offer

Viva towels 6.49
$0.50 Printable
- $0.35 Viva Paper Towels, any SS 9/7/08 (exp 10/11)
- $1/3 Viva paper towels SS 9/7/08 (exp 10/11)
Kleenex Cottenelle 6.49
$1 Printable, can print 2 total after making 2 "pledges"
Kleenex Tissues .99
- $0.50/3 Kleenex Tissue, any 3 pkgs SS 8/3/08 (exp 9/30/08)
Depends and Poise 13.00
Kotex liners,pads,tampons 5.99
- $1/2 Kotex Light Days Pantiliners, any 34ct+ SS 9/7/08 (exp11/2)
- $1 Kotex Pads, any SS 9/7/08 (exp11/2)
- $1/2 Kotex Security Tampons, any 18ct+ SS 9/7/08 (exp11/2)
- $1 Kotex Products printable
Huggies Diapers 13.99
Huggies Wipes 2.99

Spend $15, get 7 ecbs
Hersheys/Mars/Nestle 8 pack .88
M&M Large Bags 2/9
Mars Mix 9.99
Mars Mix 5.99
Hersheys All Time Greats 9.99
Nestle 100 pcs 9.99
Dum Dums/Lemon Head 4.99
Hershey Bags 2/5
Brach's Candy .88

$3.00 ECB WYB 2 Ponds Towelettes $5.00 each

$3.00ECB WYB 2 Ponds Cream $6.50 each

$4.00 ECB Bio Oil skincare product

$3.00 ECB L'oreal Bare Naturale $7.99 & $12.99
LOreal Lip Product, any $2 (11-9-08) V 8/17/08
LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any $2 (10-26-08) V 8/3/08
LOreal Makeup, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any $2 (11-30-08) V 9/7/08

$5.00 ECB wyb $15 Neutrogena Skin care and Sun care (limit 3)

$1.00 ECB Selsun Blue $7.99 (limit 1)

$2.00 ECB Ellin Lavar hair care (limit 1)starting $7.79

$2.00 ECB Mennen Speed Stick 24/7 for men $3.99 (limit 1)
Speed Stick 24/7 or Lady Speed Stick 24/7, excludes .5 oz. .75 (9-27-08) SS 9/7/08

$2.00 ECB Dr Scholl's insoles PSA $3.99 (limit 5)
Dr. Scholls, Massaging Gel Inserts, $2 off, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Memory Fit Inserts, $2 off, Printable
Dr. Scholls, Freeze A Way, $3 off, Printable

$3.00 ECB Vagistat 1 or 3 $12.99 (limit 1)

$10.00 ECB Omron BP monitor

Other deals
Soyjoy bar 10/$5 (50 cents each)
B1G1 Soyjoy bar (12/31/08) SS 9/7
$2off10 Soyjoy bar (12/31/08) SS 9/7
B1G1 Parade magazine 9/7

$3off5 SoyJoy bars printable
$2 Printable
ALPO Dog Food 13.2 oz B1G1
Purina Alpo Canned Dog Food, 13.2 oz. B4G1 RP 8/10/08 (exp 10/31)
Purina Alpo Canned Dog Food, 13.2 oz. B4G1 RP 9/14/08 (exp 11/30)
Quattro For Women B1G1 Razor or 4pck Refill
- $2 Schick Quattro For Women Razor SS 8/3/08 (exp 9/21)
- $4 Schick Quattro for Women Razor or Refill SS 8/3/08 (exp 9/21)
- $3 Schick Quattro For Women Razor or Refill, any SS 8/3/08 (exp 9/21)
- $4 Schick Quattro For Women Refill SS 8/3/08 (exp 9/21)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My CVS Trip Yesterday

3 Transactions, nice and easy trip! Needed Milk, Bread and Eggs since it's my off week for grocery shopping. :o)

3.99 Aleve
2.89 Wheat Bread
2.99 Purex
.99 CVS backpack wipes
-3 Any CVS product (mailer)
used $5.99 ecbs, adjusted down
earned 3, 1 ecb
lost $2 ecbs

3.79 Gallon Milk
4.40 Powerade x5
5.98 Purex
3.99 Excedrin Gel
9.49 Arnicare (monthly deal, finally had 1 in store!)
1.89 Dozen Eggs
1.00 Generic Magic Eraser (works really good!)
.50 Mentos
-5/30 CRT
-2/10 (they took it!)
-.65 not sure, maybe Arnicare adjusted down?
-.75 Powerade qp
- 4.00 Powerade qp $1/1 x4
-2.00 Arnicare
-2.00 Excedrin
-3.00 Excedrin crt
-5.00 ecbs
-5.99 ecbs

Total OOP .65
earned $2, 3.99, 8.00 ecbs
gained $3 ecbs

Trans#3 Different Card
3.99 Aleve
5.98 Purex
. 99 CVS tissues for backpack 2/.99
-3 CVS Product (mailer)
-1 Purex qp
-2 Aleve
used $3 ecb, adjusted down
earned $3, $1
gained $1 ecb

1Gal Milk
1Dz Eggs
1 Loaf Bread
2 boxes Aleve
5 Bottles Purex
5 Bottles Powerade
1 pack wipes
2 packs tissues (minis)
1 Box Excedrin
1 2pk Magic Erasers
1 Pack of Mentos

Used about $20 ecbs, .65 on giftcard
Walked out with about $22 ecbs

Great trip!

My Walgreens Trip Yesterday

I had $15 in RR to start ($10, $5) here is what I did:

4.49 Crest Prohealth (to get $4.50RRs back)
5.97 Glade Scented Oil Refills
15.92 Glade Gel Plugins (Apple Cinnamon..mmmm!)

Used HEB coupons for B1G1 Gel Warmers, exp. 9/23 so
go get some ladies!

- 7.96 HEB B1G1
- 1.99 Glade Oil Refills B2G1
- 5.00 RR
-10.00 RR

Total OOP $1.43
Sent in for Rebate for the first time so I should get back:
and I got
$4.50 RR

Used $16.43
Got back $11.50, so I took almost a $5 loss since I didn't read the fine print of max of $4.00 rebate for the Glade. But at least I'll have my Rebate WAGS GC to start me off next week along with my $4.50 in RRs.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Walgreens this week for me...

Nestle Toll house are on sale for $1.99, here is a coupon for $1.50, use this and it will make them .49 cents

Walgreens Diapers are B1G1 50% off. Use with the pharmacy coupon from a couple months ago... I think it comes out to less than 3$ per pack!

Starting 9/14-9/20 Walgreens is having Glade Gel Plugins on sale for $1.99
They qualify for an Easy Saver Rebate of $1 per item (limit of 4)
There are coupons coming out in Sundays paper for $2 off a Plugin Gel Warmer
There is now a BOGO printable for Glade Plugin Gel Warmer here:
Buy 4
Use 2 B1G1
Use 2 -$2 off
Get all 4 Free and get $4 back in your rebate!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Walgreens Deals, REALLY?!?!

Here are more deals for this week:

Colgate Freshmax Toothbrush--$2.99
Use $1/1 manufacturer's coupon (Sep. All You Mag found at WMart, p161)
Use $2/1 September EasySaver coupon
Free after coupons! (Thanks, Kathleen!)

2 Dove chocolate bars--$3 with in-ad coupon
Use $1/2 EasySaver coupon
Use 2 $1/1 coupons from the 09/07 RedPlum insert
Free after coupons! (Thanks, Erin!)

South Beach Bars are on sale 2/$5
Buy 6 and spend $15
Use 6 of these $2/1 IP coupons
Pay $3 out of pocket
Submit for Easysaver rebate #31 Get $5 back when you Spend $15 in Kraft Products
$2 Moneymaker!!

If you still the FREE Kraft WYB coupons from August All You magazine this is great time to use them. (Thanks Mercedes!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More WAGS!

**update: Confirmed to have worked for me AND it printed 2 of the $2RRs instead of one?! The coupon is for 48ct instead of 24ct, sorry I totally missed that, but my cashier just pushed it through so I didn't realize it. I've received emails saying that some of you were unable to use the coupons, or just one of them, so I guess it's ymmv. It has been confirmed by a couple of people that it IS printing 2 of the $2RRs though, so still not a bad deal. You can print the $1 off qps making it -2mqps and -3ESqps, making it $4.99oop and $4RRs back, still not bad! **

I just saw on coupons.com they have a $2.50 off qp for Tylenol Cold, hubby loves this when he's sick! Stack that qp with the $1.50 off in the Sept.ES . . .

4.99 Tylenol Cold
4.99 Tylenol Cold
-5.00 man qp
-3.00 ES qp
$1.98 oop
Earn $2 RR

My plan since I'm going to the bank and WAGS in next door!

Do the Robitussin one more time, spend the $3oop, earn the $10RRs and,

4.49 Prohealth
1.98 Tylenol
3.99 Gal Milk
use 10RRs, pay $.46 for the gallon of milk!
Earn back a $4.50 RR and a $2 RR

If you are able to print more of the $2.50 off qps from another computer to purchase 3 instead of 2, you'll get back $4 RRs

Got Gadgets?

Check out this deal!

24 great kitchen gadgets to make your life better.
  • Microwave Egg Poacher - Plastic with special lock mechanism
  • Pizza Cutter - Stainless Steel 4" blade with plastic handle
  • Burger Press - Drains away fat for healthier cooking
  • Apple Corer - Metal apple slicer and corer in one step
  • 12" Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Tongs - Push n pull locking
  • 1" Pastry Brush - Wooden handle natural bristles
  • Coffee Scoop & Bag Clip - Clip your coffee closed and use it as a scoop in the morning
  • Ez Cut Bag Opener - Magnetic backing, safe, sealed blade opens any bag
  • Twist & Pop by Cedar Fresh - Opens twist offs, bottles and cans
  • Vegetable Peeler - Tempered steel blade swivels for right or left hand use
  • 9.5" x 6" plastic cutting board - Resists stains and dishwasher safe
  • 12" Solid Birch wood spoon - Natural wood ideal for non stick surfaces
  • Two Piece Wooden Spoon Set - Natural wood slotted and regular spoon
  • Jokari Ring Pull Can Opener - Opens ring pull cans with ease
  • Sip 'n Seal Caps for Cans (set of 2) - Keeps out bees, kips in fizz, great for kids
  • Ice Cream Scooper - Stainless Steel
  • Snack Bag Clips - Assorted Sizes
  • Scissor Tongs - 10" metal tongs lift or turn foods easily
  • 4 Steak Knives - High carbon stainless steel, full tapered blade stays sharp
  • 10" Bamboo Skewers - 100 count wooden skewers
  • Corn Skewers 10 pack - 5 sets of stainless steel tines
  • Stainless Steel Grater - Ergonomically designed grater
  • Stainless Steel cheese Slicer - Ergonomically designed
  • Orange Peeler - Wingknife makes peeling oranges a breeze
  • ALL FOR 9.99!!!

    Christmas Shopping Yet?

    If you buy $100 worth of select Barbie merchandise from etoys they will send you a $50 Visa debit prepaid card! Now that's a deal! :o) I know my little girl can't get enough and can't keep the heads on because of her little 2yr old brother...LOL

    Click here to check it out.

    Monday, September 8, 2008

    Grocery Shopping/Menu for Two Weeks....Trial Period

    I'm trying out a 2 week menu plan and grocery shopping plan too! I took out $100 cash to last for the 2 weeks and am left with $20 to pick up produce, bread, milk, etc. next week which I hope to get for free at Walgreens or CVS so I can pocket the $20! :o)

    Here's the Menu Plan:

    Mon: Marinated Chicken Breast, Asparagus, Salad
    Tue: Turkey Meatloaf, Broccoli, Chick Pea Salad
    Wed: Leftovers
    Thu: Sweet&Sour Meatballs, Mixed Garlic Veggies, Salad
    Fri: Baked Ranch Chicken, Zucchini & Pasta Salad
    Sat: Tuna Melts, Fruit Salad
    Sun: Tacos

    Mon: Slow Cooker Kona Chicken
    Tue: Meatloaf, Cauliflower MP, Green Bean Salad
    Wed: Greek Salad & Minnestrone Soup
    Thu: Leftovers
    Fri: Order Pizza Night!
    Sat: MNO (mom's night off, help yourself!) (have nuggets, hotdogs, etc)
    Sun: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Salad


    71/2 lbs Chicken Breast
    6 lbs ground turkey
    11/2 lbs ground pork
    11/2 lbs ground beef
    Chicken Nuggets
    8ct. Frozen Corn Nibblets
    1lb Froz Peas
    1lb Froz Spinach
    1 lbFroz Brussel Sprouts
    1 lb Froz Cauliflower
    1 lbFroz Mixed veggies
    41/2 lbs Froz Broccoli
    Fresh Zucchini x2
    Fresh Green Beans 11/2 lbs
    4 Green Peppers
    2 Red Peppers
    Fresh Spinach
    1 Red Onion
    2 Garlic
    10 Roma Tomatoes
    21/2 lbs grapes
    6 limes
    2 heads of iceburg
    1lb mini peeled carrots
    12 pack Pudding Cups
    12 Pack coke
    1/2 gal ice cream
    2 cans corn
    2 cans chili beans
    2 cans pinto beans
    4 cans chick peas
    2 cans white beans
    Maple Syrup
    Star Crunch
    Black Olives 2 cans
    Green Olives 1 can

    Total OOP, between HEB and Walmart $80.
    I got all my TP, Milk, eggs, bread, chicken broth, more lunchbox fillers, etc at Walgreens this week and have a good stockpile of pantry items, hotdogs, and buns for the leftovers/MNO nights. :o)

    My Quick Walgreens Summary...

    I did this multiple times on two different days, three different trips...

    Here are a few different scenarios using those $3 off qps from pg.56 of Aug.All You Mag! Hope you listened and invested in those! They were well worth the $1.89each!

    11.97 Visine x3
    -9.00 All You qps for $3/1 Visine
    -6.00 September Easy Saver $2/1 x3
    3.03 OVERAGE!

    Add in a Prohealth using the .75off qp (4.49-.75)

    .71 OOP, earn back $4.50RRs

    Or if you have the $10RRs from the Rob Deal, then add in $13.00 in items to bring the balance to .03! They have the Quilted Northern 9packs for $4 and 40ct Hefty Trash bags for $3.79. I STOCKED up on the TP and Tbags and you can throw in a Prohealth to at least end up with the $4.50RRs for next week on top of stockpiling all the other good stuff.

    Using multiple transactions, 12 Robitussin Coupons, Tylenol Simply Sleep coupons, Visine Coupons and stacking with the Sept.Easy Saver catalogs, I scored.... (starting off with only $10rrs mind you)

    12 Robitussins (add into Housewarming gift bags, donate)
    4 9packs TP
    2 40ct Trash Bags
    10 boxes of Visine (bought 10 All Yous last month and got more than my money's worth!)
    1 Peanut Ear Buds for my daughter's mp3 player (12.99)
    1 Gallon Milk
    1 Loaf of Wheat Bread
    2 Dzn Eggs
    2 Newspapers (for more coupons of course!)
    6 Cans of Chicken Broth (Low Sodium, 2/$1)
    1 Jelly $1.99 - .55qp
    6 Fruit Cups for Adrianna's lunch box (3/$3)
    1 WAGS Coloring Book (for coupons)
    2 Packs of Gum
    6 Bottles of Crest Prohealth
    1 Spongebob Toothpaste
    1 pair flip flops for me

    At the end of yesterday I was left with $24.50 in RRs and used them all up today on the TP, Trash Bags, etc.. I don't have any left because I didn't feel like working in more mouthwash. But I will stop by before the week is out to do the Rob.deal again with the Mwash to have the $10 & $4.50 RRs for next week. Thanks goodness WAGS is so close and on my way to everywhere!!! We have 3 within a 6 mile radius! AND one opening up down the road on the 19th! Woo-Hoo!


    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    All You Magazine September Issue Coupon List

    12$1.00 off any Kelloggs Smart Start cereal
    24$1.00 off any Jergens Naturals, Moisturizer, or Natural Glow Moisturizer
    $2.00 off Rimmel's New Glam Eyes Mascara
    $1.00 off any John Frieda Collection product
    $1.00 off any Pure & Natural bodywash, liquid hand soap or bar soap
    $2.00 off any Jane Be Pure Mineral item
    $.35 off any 20ct or larger bag of Halls
    $.50 off any one Peter Pan peanut butter
    $.75 off any two Snack Packs
    $1.50 off any Colgate Total Advance Whitening, Clean or Fresh toothpaste
    $2.00 off Whole Body Cleanse or Ultra Liver Cleanse
    FREE Contour Meter when you present a prescription for a blood glucose monitoring system.
    $3.00 off the Made of Honor movie
    $1.00 off any Birds Eye Voila! varieties
    $1.00 off any BRUT product
    $1.00 off any Kotex product
    Buy 2 Get 1 Free when you buy two Starkist Gourmet Choice Tuna
    $1.00 off any two of The Family Table Items
    $1.00 off any bag of Tyson's Any'tizers
    $1.00 off any three Bird's Eye vegetables
    $.55 off any one Marzetti Apple Dip 12oz or above
    $.50 off any Underwood product
    $.50 off any White Cloud Green Earth bathroom tissue
    $.75 off any Palmolive Pure + Clear liquid dish soap
    $.75 on Windex Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner or Wipes Canister
    $1.00 off any Sani-Hands or Sani-Hands for Kids instant hand sanitizing wipes.
    $1.00 off any Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste
    $1.00 off any Colgate manual or 360 Sonic Power toothbrush
    $2.00 off any package of Purina Fit & Trim brand adult dog food, any size
    $.75 off Little Debbie Family Pack Muffins
    $1.00 off any Flexitol product
    $2.00 off any 3.6lb or larger bag of Kibbles 'n Bits

    Thanks to Penny Pinching Diva for the info and the hard work!

    WAGS Robitussin MONEY MAKER

    My Walgreens trip today will be...

    Buy 2 get $5, buy 3 get $10 RR
    Robitussin $3.99
    $3 Coupon

    I plan on doing this:
    11.97 Robitussin x3
    Use 3 of my RRs from my excedrin deal
    Earn $10

    I'll do this twice in two different transactions, save one of the $10 for next weeks deals and use the other $10 to buy grocery items...looking at these...
    Smart Balance Spread 2/$3 - 1.00qp -1.00qp = $1.00 oop
    Smuckers Jelly $1.99 - .55qp = $1.44
    Bball Chix Broth 2/$1.00 = 1.00
    Tylenol PM $2.49 - $2.00qp (today's paper) = $.49
    Bread = $2.00ish
    Milk = $3.99 or so
    Eggs = $1.39 ish

    You can print as many of those Rob qps, just reregister with a different email each time.

    Happy Shopping!

    Saturday, September 6, 2008

    CVS 9/7-9/13



    Thanks to Coupon Cravings-click here to get all the deals

    L’Oreal Age Perfect/Revitalift/Skin Genesis $5.99

    Get $5.99 ECBs (limit 1)

    $1.00 off 6/22, 7/20 & 8/10 inserts

    final price $1.00 overage

    Revlon Nail Color: $3.99

    Get $3 ECBs (limit 3)

    $2.00 7/20 or 8/24 SS

    final price $1.00 overage

    ****Sale is Sun and Mon ONLY

    Chex Mix: $1.00

    $1.00 printable coupon

    final price free

    Excedrin: $1.99

    $2.00 printable coupon or 7/13 SS

    final price free

    Malt-O-Meal Cereal $1.00

    $1.00 printable coupon

    final price free

    Schick Quattro BOGOF @ $5.99

    use 2 $3.00 8/3 SS

    final price free

    Aussie or Herbal Essences $2.49

    Get back $1.00 ECB (Limit 2)

    Use $2.00 off 2-9/7 RP

    final price = $0.98 for 2

    Thanks Chrissy!

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Target Deals

    Great Target Coupon Link Here.

    These Kelloggs products are on sale 4/$9. Plus you get a $5 Target gift card!
    - Rice Krispie Treats 8ct,
    - Pop Tarts,
    - Special K bars,
    - Fudge Shoppe cookies and
    - Cheez its 10 oz.

    Use these coupons to sweeten the deal:
    $1/2 Kelloggs coupon (8/3 RP). Use 2.
    $.50/1 Target printable for Pop Tarts. Print off four.
    If you have all of these coupons, your Pop Tarts are FREE!

    Target has 8 packs of juicy juice boxes 2/$5
    Buy 2

    Use (2) $1/1 juicy juice man. coupon

    Use (1) $1/2 Target coupon from Sunday insert

    Final price: $2 for two 8 packs!

    And don't forget to bring your coupons with you and check out the endcaps in the grocery section, they always have great food items on clearance and if you have your qps with you, you can SCORE for sure!

    Thursday, September 4, 2008

    My CVS trip

    Easy CVS trip today, used 2 different cards, one transaction on each card:

    Card #1
    5.99 Garnier Towelettes
    5.99 Garnier Cleanser
    3.99 Garnier Leave In Conditioner
    11.98 CG Wetslicks
    -2/10 qp
    -9.00 Garnier Coupons (from Heb, $3.00 x 3)
    -5.99 B1G1 CG qp from Sunday's paper
    -1.00 Any CG Makeup product
    used ecbs to pay
    earned $5, $5.99 ecbs

    Card #2
    5.99 CG Wetslicks
    5.99 CG Wetslicks
    - 5.99 CG B1G1
    - 1.00 Any CG Lip Product
    used ecbs to pay
    earned $5.99 ecbs

    Another Hidden Deal

    Purex laundry detergent: hidden September deal
    confirmed working as of 9/2, will be in ad for 09/14 - 09/20

    Purex (32 load 50 fl oz., ultra concentrate) sale price $2.99 w/ $1 ECB limit 5

    -$.50 Purex Laundry Detergent, any liquid or powder SS 8/10/08

    Scents and UPCs confirmed
    ♥ Original Fresh 0-24200-04782-5
    ♥ Lavender Fresh 0-24200-04787-0
    ♥ Mountain Breeze Color Safe 0-24200-04785-6

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Crest Pro Health *FREE* Plus Overage at WAGS

    Okay, I'm sure this is already all over Bloggy World, but I thought I'd mention since I've just come across it on SDs..

    Crest ProHealth mouth wash 500mL. There is a $4.50 RR on this item all month! Cost is reported to be between $4.29 - $4.49!
    Confirmed over here in my area $4.79 with $4.50RR! Just did it twice in two SEPERATE transactions and used RR that I had from different transactions.

    -1.00 MQ
    -4.50 RR
    =1.01 overage!!!

    I'm going to check it out, but my luck they're probably gone! LOL

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    CVS Hidden Deal

    dawn, including "dawn plus hand renewal" is on sale for $.99 08.31.08 - 09.06.08
    (scan to check price, it may not have a sale tag)

    use coupon from sunday's paper:
    $1 off any size dawn plus hand renewal p&g 8.31.08

    = free
    Thanks I*heart*CVS

    Monday, September 1, 2008


    Every now and then I see an ad for Randalls that make it worth the trip for me. I mean really, how many stops can a women make for food shopping? LOL Here were some great deals that are good until tomorrow, Sept.2nd..

    $2.48 Gallon Milk
    $ .89 Whole Wheat or White Bread
    $2.00 Minute Maid OJ
    $ .98lb Green Grapes
    $ .99 Peeled Baby Carrots
    $2.99 13oz Folgers Coffee

    $.88 Sale Items:
    Arizona Tea (42oz)
    Crystal Geyser Water (1 Gallon)
    Powerade (32oz) Money Maker if you still have any of those $1/1 qps
    Vitamin Water or Smartwater

    Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend!!

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