Saturday, July 26, 2008


We are having a big shrimp boil at our house today and I had to run out to pick up some more soda and mulch. Chris said he'd go with me and I CANNOT BELIEVE he stopped at the two Walgreens we pass on the way home.....I SCORED TODAY!!! He couldn't even believe it! I still have 10 packs of diapers left from the deal at the beginning of the month and I gave three packs away so I wasn't planning on doing this "Double Dippin" deal at WAGS this weekend but figured, hey I'm passing TWO so I might as well stop and use the Rapid Rewards for some Cokes! :o)

Not only did I score the Cokes but the NutriPals stuff too! What a steal, and I bought size 1's and 2's to donate so I'm totally excited.

Here's what I did...

Trans 1
Diapers x3 $17.97
WAG Coloring Book (for the NutriPals qp) $.99
Total: $18.96
used $5 pharm qp
used $5/2 July Easy Saver
used $5/2 Aug Easy Saver

Total was negative $2.47 so I added in a First Magazine and it was $.49 oop
Printed $5 Register Rewards for next purchase

Trans 2
Coke x3 $11
NutiPals x7 $41.93
Pencils x 3 $.15
Total: $53.08
used $5 RR
NPal $2 (from Coloring Book)
NPal $2 July Easy Sver
NPal $1 Aug Easy Sver

Total was $13.59 oop

Store #2 (They took my qps at this store, but that's okay I got MORE than enough use from them)

Trans 1
Diapers x3 $17.97
Pringles x1 $1.00
Total $18.97
used $5 Pharm qp
used $5/2 July ES qp
used $5/2 Aug ES qp

Total $.01 oop
earned $5 register rewards for next purchase

Trans 2
Pedi NutriPal drinks x3 $17.97
Toothpast for Kids $1.69 clearance
Wylers To-Go tea $1.00
Total $20.63
used $2 Pedi qp from coloring book
used $2 Pedi qp July ES
used $1 Pedi qp Aug ES

Total $.66 oop

I looked at the bottom of all my receipts and it said I saved a total of $125.15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't believe it!
Total OOP: $14.75 for well over $100 worth of stuff!

What a deal, you have till Midnight tonight to "Double Dip". Always give the Pharmacy QP first. And please remember, there are ALWAYS deals, don't take advantage just because it's free. There are a ton of shelters to donate to and I know tons of coupon savvy ladies that do so, so kuddos to you!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Mercedes said...

Great job!! I did get some packs that I will take to the women's shelter. they asked for bigger size diapers and I bought training pants.

Lori said...

Just wondering how you got the pharmacy coupons? Thanks for sharing.

Sienna said...

Ooohhh, I didn't even think about the Nutripals double dip! Nice work!

Gina said...

I inquired about their discount Prescription Plan and they gave it to me, TWICE! Just went to a different WAGS, some stores cut the coupon out, it's really YMMV, depends on your cashier. :o)

Dawn V said...

I tried the diaper deal at one of my local Walgreens yesterday and they wouldn't take both the July and the August Easy Saver coupons. I have been trying to find the policy on that. Does anyone know??

Gina said...

I think it's a YMMV thing, just depends on the cashier I think. Not sure though. :o(


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