Thursday, March 5, 2009

A SWEET Target Trip

All I can say is that I'M IN LOVE . . .WELCOME TO TOWN SUPERTARGET!!!

I'll get right to the point...

Sutton & Dodge Steaks (ate them last night..yumm!)
Top Round/Roasts on sale for $2.49lb great if you find them at a pound
-$2.00 Target Coupon
Free or REALLY CHEAP (I bought single NY Strips, for $3.19ea before qp)

Market Pantry Condensed Soup (I stockpiled Crm of Mush, Crm of Ck & Crm of Celery)
On sale for $.54/can
-$.50/2 Target Coupon
MAKES IT $.29 per can, great time to stockpile the pantry with these!

Motts Applesauce Cups on sale for $1.64
-$1.00 Target Coupon
$.64 per 6 pack, great for lunches

Green Giant Baby Carrots
advertised at 2/$3 but are ringing up $.79 per package!

Hunts Diced Tomatoes
$.49 per can and I'm sure you can find some qps in the paper, just didn't have any.

Kashi TLC Bars $1.99
-$2.00 printable
FREE! And they are good!

24 Pack of Bottled Water

Market Pantry Salsa
$1.25 per jar
I bought the mango/pineapple - GREAT for fish recipes! YUM!

Pop Tarts
$.99 per box and there were some $1 off peelies too which would make them FREE!

I saved almost $40 WOO HOO!

1 comment:

amy99s said...

Kashi bars were $2.50 at my store but I had the $1 target printable kashi coupons so I got 50 cents overage on each one!!! Thanks for posting the link to the manuf coupon!!!


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