Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Target Trip today...

Keep in mind, I did some previous transactions this week getting me some $5 giftcards which I used for today's transactions...

Trans #1
Fiber 1 Yogurt x2
Fiber 1 PopTarts
Fiber 1 Cereal
Total: $8.02
- 3.00 qps
Paid with g/c & $.02 oop

Trans #2
Repeat trans #1, paid $.02oop and got another $5g/c

Trans #3
Smartfood Popcorn x4
Pringles x4
100 Calorie Snacks x2
Teddy Grahams x2
Smores Cookies x2
Quaker Bites x8
Smart Taste Pasta x5
Loaf Bread
Whole Chicken
Total after coupons: $14.05, put $13.48 on my g/c's and paid $.57 oop

That receipt was super confusing to read so I just put the total, sorry just too tired to figure it out. :o)

All in all, $.61 out of pocket and I have a $5 g/c to roll over into next week! :o)

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