Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Grocery Trip

Earlier this week I got the following items at Target:

5 packs of drumsticks FREE after qpq
5 lbs of ground beef $1.75 each
along with some misc. grocery items for the week: (this stuff is not included in the picture below)
TOTAL: $22 OOP (now have stockpile of ck & gr.beef along with the stew meats and steaks I stocked up on a few weeks back too, which is on my "pre-baby stockpile" list)

5/22 TARGET:

9.99 Swimsuit for Adrianna
5.99 Thank you cards for my shower
1.00 Quick Oats Oatmeal
1.37 Wheat Bread
3.74ea Whole Chickens x5 (qp)
2.49ea chicken drumstix x2 (qp)
1.99ea Kraft Mayo x2 (qp)
TOTAL: $25

5/22 HEB:

1.19ea Rhodes Rolls x4 (qp)
5.27 Chicken Nuggets (qp)
3.99 Fresh Pineapple
2.09 Veggie Chips (qp)
.79 Carrots
.50 Pepper
1.99 Cantaloupe
.94 Iceburg Lettuce
1.24 Shake n Bake
4.19 Olive Oil (qp)
2.50ea Koolaid Jammers x4 (qp)
1.00ea Vitamin Water x10 (qp)
2.69ea Peanuts x4 (qp)
2.99 Apples
1.50 Candy bars

$78 for the week and I'm FULLY stocked on chicken, steaks, stew meat, ground beef, pork chops.

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