Monday, June 30, 2008

More CVS Scenarios

Okay, so I just found out today that CVS takes HEB coupons!!! I didn't know they take competetor's qps...AWESOME! HEB has the CG Mascara qps for $2 off so here are a couple of MY scenarios I'll do tomorrow on my way home from errands in RR . . .


Trans 1
CG Mascara x5 $24.95
CVS Skin Item $.79
Subtotal $25.74
($4/20) CVS qp
($2) skin qp
($10) HEB qps
$9.74 , use ecbs to pay
earn $10 ecbs

Trans 2
Viva Paper Towels $6.99
Phys.Form Mascara $7.99
CVS Skin Item $.99
Subtotal $15.97
($3/15) CVS qp
($2) skin qp
($1) HEB qp for PT
$9.97, use ecbs from Trans 1 to pay
earn $2, $7.99 ecbs

Trans 3
Stayfree Pads x4 $17.96 (4.49 ea)
Viva PT $6.99
Schick Intuition (x2) $20.36(B1G1, but only figure in the $10.18 in subtotal)
CVS Skin Item $.99
Subtotal $35.94
($4/20)CVS qp
($3/15) CVS qp
($2) skin qp
($9) B1G1 qps for the Stayfree x2
($8) $4 Schick qp x2
$9.94, use $7.99 & $2 ecbs from Trans 2
earn $6, $2 ecbs

Started with $10 ecbs, ended with $8 and about $87 in merchandise. :o)


bauditore said...

WOW!!! That's good to know. One of my SDer friend mentioned this to me about Target coupons a while back but I didn't ever try it b/c I just wasn't sure how they got rung up. I can see how the HEB coupons would EASILY scan since they start with a 5...making them manufacture coupons!

They even have signs on the front saying, "We accept competitors coupons." DUH!!!!

bauditore said...

Hey, I didn't know CG mascara gave out ECBs. Is it a Hidden deal? What's the limit?

***I'm assuming you're getting 2 ECBs for each of the 5 mascaras on trip 1 for the $10 back?


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