Monday, June 9, 2008

CVS June 9th

I have been without a car for over a week and am LOSING MY MIND! Just ran a quick CVS run to at least go get the weekly flyer since it wasn't in my paper yesterday. Of course when I got there, yup no flyers left LOL! I was surprised to see that they had 3 Papers and 1 set of inserts left from yesterday!! Mental Note...check that next time I go in before I complete my purchases. I bought these (3, plus 1 free set of inserts that were at the bottom) and had to blow ecbs on them since they wouldn't just give them to me. Yes, I did try to get them to just give me the inserts, didn't work! But that's okay, I made out a ton for my next trip this week with LOTS of Dove, Nivea and General Mills qps! Definitely not a loss, but I really like, uh LOVE free!

So here was my quick trip tonight... These were on one of my four cards. Nivea is limit 4 per card so I can still do this 3 more times on this card and another 15 times if I were crazy! LOL Definitely do NOT need that much shaving cream, HA!

4 Nivea Shaving Gels (limit 2/card) $10.36 (used $4/2 qp, $1 qp)
1 Huggies Baby Wash $3.49 (used $1 qp)
1 CVS BandAids (limit 2/card) $1.99
Donated $1 to LGD Found $1.00
Subtotal $16.84
(3.00) $3/15
(6.00) Man qps
(6.99) ecbs
OOP $.85 earned $5,$2,$1.99 ecbs

4 Nivea Shaving Gels $10.36 (used two $2 qps found here)Thanks Denise!
1 Huggies Baby Wash $3.49 (used $1 qp)
1 CVS BandAids $1.99
1 Gallon Milk $3.49
Subtotal $19.33
(3.00) $3/15
(5.00) Man qps
(10.99) ecbs
OOP $.34 earned $5,$2,$1.99, ecbs

$.6.99 ecbs + $.85 + $.34 = $8.18 used, left with $8.99 for next time.

My plans for later this week...

General Mills Cereal or Snack Bars (Buy $20 get $10 ecbs) Lots of them were 3/$10

6 Boxes of Cereal $20
4 Nivea Shave Gels $10
SUBOTAL $30.00
(3.00) $3/15 CVS
(3.00) $3/15 CVS
(4.00) $4/2 Nivea from yesterday's paper
(4.00) $4/2 Nivea from yesterday's paper
(1.00) Honey Nut Cheerios qp here.
(1.00) HN Cheerios, can print it twice
(1.00) Fiber One Cereal qp here.
(1.00) Fiber One Cereal qp, can print twice
(.55) Cinnamon Toast Crunch qp here.
(.55) Trix qp here. Bring your $1/2 General Mills Cereals from the Sunday paper just in case they are out of those particular ones!
OOP $12.90 (use ecbs to pay) EARN $15 ECBS, MAKE $2.90!!

Scenario #2
4 Dove Deoderant 2/$5 $10.00 (use 4 $.75/1 qps from yesterday's paper)
Listerine Smart Rinse $3.49 (use $1 qp I bought from Ebay)
CVS BandAids $1.99
Subtotal $15.48
(3.00) $3/15 CVS
(4.00) man qps
OOP $8.48 (use ecbs) EARN $3, $3.49, $1.99 ECBS, BREAK EVEN!

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