Friday, June 13, 2008

Duracell Battery Deal

I went along on an unexpected CVS run last night and this was my last deal of the week...

8 Pack of Duracell Batteries AA x3 and AAA x1 $21.16
SmartRinse x2 $ 6.98
Essence of Beauty Facial Buff $ 1.99

Subtotal $ 30.13
(3.00) Duracell qps ($.75off x4)
(2.00) SRinse qps ($1off x2)
(10.00) ECB
(5.00) ECB
OOP $4.13
$10, $6.98 ECBS earned

So I used about $2 after my ecbs earned and that's not too bad, it would have been less if the lady just pushed my beauty qps through!!!!! ugh! But at least we have "real" batteries and not the ones from Dollar Tree for a little while. LOL

I also did my cereal and Nivea deal again on my way home from Dollar Tree in Taylor yesterday, never knew there was a CVS over there so I just HAD to stop in!

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