Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday

I am going to try to stick to "weekly" Works for me Wednesday tips to share with all my fellow mamas out there!

This week's Topic:

LAUNDRY . . . "Does it EVER go away?"
Simply answered... "NO!"

How do I keep up with one of my most DREADED household tasks (besides the bathrooms of course!)?


Each night before I go to bed, I pop a load in the washer. If it's a day the kids and I stayed in pjs (come on, we ALL love those days!) then I leave them in there and just add to it the next night.
As soon as I wake up in the morning (always try to get up 30 minutes before kids to have some quiet time) I pop those clothes in the dryer. When my 3 year old wakes up, I sit him at the table to eat and fold away.
Now, the hard part....putting them away!
I have one of those mesh 3 compartment lightweight baskets that I keep in the laundry room downstairs (or you can use individual baskets). I sort the folded clothes in there, hang the ones that need to be RIGHT OUT OF THE DRYER, and head upstairs once my little one is done with his breakfast and is ready to change his diaper and get dressed for the day.
Head upstairs, make a stop in each room (usually his first) and take the 3 minutes or so to make the bed and put the clothes away.
This routine for all three bedrooms takes me under 15 minutes and my biggest task is done for the day!

I know it seems like it's broken down so much and I am NOT A STRICT ROUTINE type of person, BUT this is something I've stuck with for quite a while and it just works for me. My mindset is totally different when by 9am, I have no dirty clothes and cleaned up bedrooms. It makes me ready for my day!

Hope this tip helps some of you, tailor it to your family's needs and schedules of course!



Dee said...

Hmm... Amanda mentioned she's been doing this when I talked to her a week or so ago and I thought laundry was something I didn't really struggle with, but after hearing her and now you, I'm thinking maybe I'll give this a try. Because I am forever doing laundry all day long!

ILUV2SHOP247 said...

Ugh! I still have dirty laundry to do. I just can't seem to do a load a day. I know it could really cut on time but not with my schedule but definitely one I should try to do. If not, it's the entire day (sometimes two) doing laundry and putting it away. :(

Gina said...

Once you get the hang of it girls, it just become "routine". And of course some days I have whites and colors so the whites stay in the hamper in the laundry room and I bleach those midweek with the sheet and/or towels. :o)

Good Luck!


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