Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Walgreens Trip Yesterday

I had $15 in RR to start ($10, $5) here is what I did:

4.49 Crest Prohealth (to get $4.50RRs back)
5.97 Glade Scented Oil Refills
15.92 Glade Gel Plugins (Apple Cinnamon..mmmm!)

Used HEB coupons for B1G1 Gel Warmers, exp. 9/23 so
go get some ladies!

- 7.96 HEB B1G1
- 1.99 Glade Oil Refills B2G1
- 5.00 RR
-10.00 RR

Total OOP $1.43
Sent in for Rebate for the first time so I should get back:
and I got
$4.50 RR

Used $16.43
Got back $11.50, so I took almost a $5 loss since I didn't read the fine print of max of $4.00 rebate for the Glade. But at least I'll have my Rebate WAGS GC to start me off next week along with my $4.50 in RRs.

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