Monday, September 8, 2008

My Quick Walgreens Summary...

I did this multiple times on two different days, three different trips...

Here are a few different scenarios using those $3 off qps from pg.56 of Aug.All You Mag! Hope you listened and invested in those! They were well worth the $1.89each!

11.97 Visine x3
-9.00 All You qps for $3/1 Visine
-6.00 September Easy Saver $2/1 x3

Add in a Prohealth using the .75off qp (4.49-.75)

.71 OOP, earn back $4.50RRs

Or if you have the $10RRs from the Rob Deal, then add in $13.00 in items to bring the balance to .03! They have the Quilted Northern 9packs for $4 and 40ct Hefty Trash bags for $3.79. I STOCKED up on the TP and Tbags and you can throw in a Prohealth to at least end up with the $4.50RRs for next week on top of stockpiling all the other good stuff.

Using multiple transactions, 12 Robitussin Coupons, Tylenol Simply Sleep coupons, Visine Coupons and stacking with the Sept.Easy Saver catalogs, I scored.... (starting off with only $10rrs mind you)

12 Robitussins (add into Housewarming gift bags, donate)
4 9packs TP
2 40ct Trash Bags
10 boxes of Visine (bought 10 All Yous last month and got more than my money's worth!)
1 Peanut Ear Buds for my daughter's mp3 player (12.99)
1 Gallon Milk
1 Loaf of Wheat Bread
2 Dzn Eggs
2 Newspapers (for more coupons of course!)
6 Cans of Chicken Broth (Low Sodium, 2/$1)
1 Jelly $1.99 - .55qp
6 Fruit Cups for Adrianna's lunch box (3/$3)
1 WAGS Coloring Book (for coupons)
2 Packs of Gum
6 Bottles of Crest Prohealth
1 Spongebob Toothpaste
1 pair flip flops for me

At the end of yesterday I was left with $24.50 in RRs and used them all up today on the TP, Trash Bags, etc.. I don't have any left because I didn't feel like working in more mouthwash. But I will stop by before the week is out to do the again with the Mwash to have the $10 & $4.50 RRs for next week. Thanks goodness WAGS is so close and on my way to everywhere!!! We have 3 within a 6 mile radius! AND one opening up down the road on the 19th! Woo-Hoo!


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