Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CVS Sneak Peak 9/28-10/4

Since I'm moving this weekend, I thought I would check out next week's deals to see if it's worth the time for me. Check out the ad scans here.

I'm looking to stock up on Fusion Razors for my husband. (He only has 2 left)
Limit 1 per card (I have 4)

Transfer a Prescription for a new gift card. (Mine is all used up as of Monday!)

Blood Glucose Monitore, $5 MM

Colgate (Lots of $1.50 qps from All You Mags)

PopTarts (no ecbs, but CHEAP if you use $1/1 coupons)

Post It's and Command Hooks (I have printable qps for these making them FREE after ecbs)

That really does it for me. I of course will add in my milk, bread and eggs to my deals to get those for free as usual if I do CVS next week. Otherwise, I will figure those items into my WAGS deals since WAGS is closer to me. :o)

I'll be checking out those deals tonight.

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