Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More WAGS!

**update: Confirmed to have worked for me AND it printed 2 of the $2RRs instead of one?! The coupon is for 48ct instead of 24ct, sorry I totally missed that, but my cashier just pushed it through so I didn't realize it. I've received emails saying that some of you were unable to use the coupons, or just one of them, so I guess it's ymmv. It has been confirmed by a couple of people that it IS printing 2 of the $2RRs though, so still not a bad deal. You can print the $1 off qps making it -2mqps and -3ESqps, making it $4.99oop and $4RRs back, still not bad! **

I just saw on coupons.com they have a $2.50 off qp for Tylenol Cold, hubby loves this when he's sick! Stack that qp with the $1.50 off in the Sept.ES . . .

4.99 Tylenol Cold
4.99 Tylenol Cold
-5.00 man qp
-3.00 ES qp
$1.98 oop
Earn $2 RR

My plan since I'm going to the bank and WAGS in next door!

Do the Robitussin one more time, spend the $3oop, earn the $10RRs and,

4.49 Prohealth
1.98 Tylenol
3.99 Gal Milk
use 10RRs, pay $.46 for the gallon of milk!
Earn back a $4.50 RR and a $2 RR

If you are able to print more of the $2.50 off qps from another computer to purchase 3 instead of 2, you'll get back $4 RRs

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