Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alka Seltzer $1 MM

Here is a link to Alka-Seltzer qp....free after RR's plus and $1 moneymaker! My husband LOVES this stuff, great for a cold! (You can print them twice per computer)

**Here is another Brick coupon link that you can also print twice.

~~~~ Just noticed it says excludes the AS Cold, but of course it's ymmv~~~~~~


ILUV2SHOP247 said...

Couldn't get the 2nd Q to print at home or work on IE but got them to print on FireFox. HTHs

Gina said...

Thanks! Chris couldn't get it to print at work either, I'll tell him to use FF. That's so strange, usually it's the other way around, use IE instead of FF. LOL


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