Friday, October 3, 2008

WAGS Scenarios - Updated with $5/20 qp

Update: Since there is the new $5/20 Walgreens coupon, I'm going to try to figure out how to combine Trans 2 & 3 and add some stuff that also get RRs to bring it to $20 AFTER my coupons if I have time this morning, if not this will do fine. I LOVE Magic Erasers so it's totally worth the out of pocket until my giftcard comes in from last month's rebates. :o)

Trans #1
14.97 Childrens Tylenol x3
-4.50 IVC
-3.00 WAGS Coloring Bk
-5.00/3 Printable (scroll up to the first posting and there is a pdf.) Thanks MFH!
$2.47 oop
get $5 RRs

4.98 Febreeze Air Effects x2
4.98 Magic Eraser x2
-2.00 AE Man qpx2
use $5RR, $2.96 oop
get $5RRs

Trans #3
4.49 Oral B
1.50 Dozen Eggs
-1.00 man qp
4.99 (I'll look for a cheap filler to bring it a little above $5 when I'm in there)
use $5 RRs
get $4.49RR

OK, OR....

Trans #1 Do the same
get $5RRs

Trans #2
4.98 Febreeze Air Effects x2
4.98 Magic Eraser x2
4.49 Oral B
1.50 Dozen Eggs
8.99 Gillette Fusion
11.49 oop
$5 rrs
$4.49 rrs
$4 rrs
Make $2!

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Mommy Managing said...

At my store, my total has to be $20 after ALL coupons and offers--even RR's. Thanks so much for the $5 pff 3 coupon! That makes my scenario on my page even better, and I'm going to add it to my post.


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