Monday, October 13, 2008

Target Deals

I'm not working the CVS or WAGS this week, need a break! We just moved and I need to head out to "Home" stores, LOL. Here are a couple deals at Target (superT) this week:

$1/1 for 1lb bag of carrots (on sale for .99 this week so FREE after qp, did this with the grapes last week---great deal!) Coupon generator here.

Ziploc bags. They have ziploc sandwich packs at the register for $1.00 a bag, buy 2 bags and use one B1g1 qp and one of the $.60/1 qps from recent inserts and get them both for .20 per pack.

I saw LOTS of peelies on the wisp candles for $5 off - - - wish I saw these last week but I know they'll come back around at one of my Drugstores! ha!

A couple other deals to mention:


$99 iRobot ... oh how I WANT one of these sooooo bad! Check it out here.

I will be out and about the next day or two and will update on any good finds worth mentioning. :o)

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