Friday, August 1, 2008

BandAid MoneyMaker at WAGS!

Found this on SDs... Stocking up today! :o)
*** NOTE: Just got back from the WAGS on Gattis School and bought the last 8 packs and yep, it worked. Now we're set on Bandaids and I'm glad since I didn't take full advantage of the CVS monthly, so now I have some kiddo bandaids, they'll love em! ***

I bought 8 children's bandaids, on sale B1G1, or 2/2.99. I also bought the FAR filter refill, 6.99.

When I checked out, my total was 4.53 and she had missed one of my $1 coupons! I was extremely confused, but finally figured it out.

I used the $1/1 manufacturers Bandaid coupons that was inthe inserts a month or so ago, also used the $1 WAGs IVC coupon for any children's licensed Bandaid 20-25 count, found in the booklet in the toy area. Thread for the booklet, also includes picture The WAGs coupons automatically takes off $8.

I thought that the Bandaids would be free, but they ended up being a $4 moneymaker! Well, $3 for me, because she didn't scan the 8th coupon. I let it slide, since I was really confused about my low total at the time of checkout, and didnt want to cause scrutiny.

Of course, this is only a great deal if you have multiples of that Bandaid coupon, which I happened to have.

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Sienna said...

I got 4 packs of Band-aids too! Awesome deal, I just wish my cashier had let me keep the coloring book coupon!


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