Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HP Paper $.99 @ WAGS

I am on my way out on some errands, as well as to CVS and WAGS. I'll post my trip as soon as I can. Just wanted to remind everyone of the $3 off HP paper! You can use that qp at Walgreens this week, it's on sale for $3.99. Great deal.

I can email you the qp if you don't have it.


amy99s said...

The $3 off HP paper coupon is not for the kind that is on sale. That coupon is for Premium Laser Jet Color Laser or LaserJet. It may scan but its not the right one. The HP paper that is on sale matches the $1 off HP Multipurpose Paper coupon.

Gina said...

Oh Man! Sorry, and I was just on my way over there! UGH! Thanks for reading the "fine" print. :o)

amy99s said...

hehehe yea I was all excited thinking man I am buying a TON. Sorry to rain on your parade LOL


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