Friday, August 8, 2008

FREE Nutrigrain Bars after RR!

I've heard the buzz and decided to get out and try it out myself and it worked!!!

Here's the scoop...

For some reason, the register at Walgreens is printing out 2 $5RR instead of just 1 for every 4 Nutrigrain Boxes you buy. (stick to the ones I've mentioned, not sure if it works on the chewy nut ones) Now here is what I did...

Trans #1
2 Strawberry NG Boxes
2 Apple Cinn NG Boxes
Subtotal $10.00
Minus $1.00/2 man qps x2 (from Sunday's Paper)
Total: $8.00
Rec'd: $5.00 RR x2
MADE $2!!!

Trans #2
Repeated above.

Left with $20 in RR to buy a Shell Gas Card. (that's totally YMMV)

OR, you could use the $10RR from Trans1 for Trans2 and get 8 boxes for $10 oop, still a GREAT deal!


lerinleigh said...

Great job!! Thats so exciting! I heard you can't use RRs from one deal to use towards another deal that gives RRs? It's like the computer knows what you're doing... So you're supposed to use the RRs received on non-RR items. Do you know if this is true?

Gina said...

I used them before. The only thing is that the second transaction won't print the RR's if you used the RR's for the identical transaction before that. Still a great deal, spend $10 for the first four, roll over your RR's for second transaction to get those for free. All 8 for $10, or less if you have man qps. :o)

Gina said...

That might have sounded confusing. Yes you can use the RRs from the deal before, but you WON'T receive RRs on second deal.

lerinleigh said...

Yes I think I understand. Good to know for future reference, thanks, but I'm just going to use my RRs for diapers and paper towels since I need those too!

You have such a cute family btw!

Gina said...

:o) Thanks!

amy99s said...

Thanks so much for posting, I would have missed it. I check your blog every day. I ran to walgreens and did the Nutragrain bars twice. I then went to Janes blog and saw she did it on Rice Krispy treats and potarts too so I ran back out to walgreens and did 4 more deals with those. In total I did 6 deals and now have $60 in RR to get Chili's gift cards with WHOO HOOO

Thanks again

Gina said...


Lisa Brooks said...

Wow! Great deals. Hope to get by my Walgreens to try it. I have heard that it is best never to use RR to pay for the next same transaction.


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