Friday, August 1, 2008


$1/3 Healthy Choice good to use on canned soups

For all those school supply sales Bic $1/2 here.

$1/1 Bertolli sauce pouch!

Tava (I love this stuff!) $1.50/1 coupon here

Malt O Meal Cereals ($1 bags at WM, didn't have any last night at the 79 WM, but I think they have them over on 685 in PVille) $1.00 off coupon here making them FREE! Print 5 different qps. * * * Just got back from the 685 and they had the $1 bags right in the middle isle between clothing and grocery. I went to self checkout, bought 3 bags of the MOM "Golden Grahams" and the MOM "Frosted Mini Wheats" and was able to use the coupons for the different types for these NO problem. * * * *

Post Cereal Just Bunches variety, print this $2/1 coupon.

Chef Boyardee, click here to use this $1/3.

Pasta-Roni is on sale for $.50 at HEB with the in store qp. Click here to print this .50/1 coupon, making it FREE!

I can't believe there's another one of these ($1/1 any Johnson's Buddies product) working.

South Beach Living Tide Me Over $2.00 - $2.00 coupon = FREE at WM


bauditore said...

Great links, thanks! Although, you're scenario for the Rice-a-Roni is incorrect. You can't double dip here. HEB's in-store coupons are actually manufactures (start with a 5) so if you give them the .50 cents coupon, the register is going to beep and not take it. HTHs

Gina said...

Thanks Belinda! :o) I lucked out and the cashier actually pushed them through on this trip but not on the second one. :o(


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