Saturday, August 9, 2008

Walmart Today!

Went from $70 down to $22. I really needed the chicken breast, milk and a couple staples for my menu next week so all the rest was FREE!

I had purchased 10 All You magazines and for all of those coupons, I bought KoolAid and Mac & Cheese to get 10 free packs each of:
* HotDogs
* Crystal Light
* Wheat Thins
* Kraft Dressing

I have my Kraft singles qp's away since I already ordered them on Ebay.

** We are having a Kindergarten Kickoff Party for my daughter next weekend so I had to stock up on those hotdogs, mac & cheese, and koolaid . . . pretty much free! :o) * * *

Coupons Used:
Free Crystal Light wyb 3 part.products (I bought KoolAid, $.20each)
Free Oscar Meyer wyb 3 part.products (I bought KoolAid, $.20each)
Free Wheat Thins wyb 3 part.products (I bought Kraft Mac & Cheese, $.50each)
Free Kraft Dressing wyb 3 part.products (I bought KoolAid, $.20each)
$3.00 off Tyson x3 (Hormone Free Chicken Breasts were on sale for $4.98 each)
$.50 Jiff (used 2)
$1.00 Vlassic (used 2, bought the ovals for $1.36 each)
$3/2 Clean Team Wipes x 3
$2 Silk SoyMilk
$.75 Shout x2 (bought the purse packs in travel section)


April said...

my order went from $116 down to $82 the other day when I went. I just love the look on the cashiers face when that happens. $8 of that was 4 All You magazines. I really need to get some more and use the salad dressing for donations.

Cortney Genova said...

Where did you get those great chicken coupons???!!! What a great wal-mart trip!

Gina said...

Email me and I can send it to you.


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