Thursday, August 14, 2008

WOW! Check this out!

This is a STEAL at $4.99 plus $6 get BOTH! Remember, these are those "shower gifts" that keep on givin'... :o)

Anyone who's had a child in a car seat knows what the seat underneath looks like when it's all over.....Stains, mashed Cheerios, and other foods that are unremovable from the leather or fabric. And the seat in front of the child scratched and stained from endless kicking. Now, get two great products for one incredible price and possibly save hundreds on your cars resale value.

Okay, that's TOTALLY ME! My husband thinks my car is a DISASTER. " Sorry hun, we eat, entertain, throw fits and SO much more in the car." That's what I always say. Hey, I keep the house quite clean so something has to give and it's usually the car! LOL

This is definitely a steal!


amy99s said...

I love I have gotten so many things from there for SOOO cheap!!!


Gina said...

Just discovered them...registered to receive daily deals! YAY!

April said...

This is awesome right now I have all kinds of stuff just thrown in the floor board!


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